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Written by Gordon Ayshford   
Friday, 13 June 2008

I.S.D.E. Update

On 17th April the ACU submitted to the event organisers entries for 10 club teams ) – in addition to 2 Trophy teams. Total- 40 riders.

The ACU had received some letters in support of Club’s applications – One of which was from Bernard – all of which were deemed valid, but from the covering letter with the priority table it was stated that in the final analysis it was the points system that had to be used. It was stated that if the organiser then declines to accept them all, and allocates GB a specific allocation then the ACU will enter that number of teams in the priority order shown below.

1. ARMY A - 90 pts
2. WALES A - 55 pts
3. WALES B - 45pts (+ 6) - Tie resolved with individual riders
4. WEST OF ENGLAND - 45 pts (+3) past performance bonus points
5. WITLEY - 40pts
6. RAF - 16 pts
7. SOUTHERN IOM - 15pts
8. SACU - 0 (+18) - Ties resolved with individual riders
9. BUILTH - 0 (+15) past performance bonus points
10. ARMY B -0 (+ 1)

Having announced the selection criteria the ACU have since had to issue a statement re-affirming the priority list that has the Witley Team at 5th to answer some complaints.

Now this may all be academic because the most recent announcement from the ACU is that according to the official ISDE website it appears that the ISDE Organisers are only allowing a maximum of 4 club teams from any country.

The ACU submitted a provisional entry of 10 Club Teams and so as a consequence of the Organisers’ decision taken from the website the ACU may now have to apply the criteria established at the 4th March meeting which resulted in a priority entry list above, this lists the following Club teams as being in the first 4 places -


WALES B As you can see the Witley Team
WEST OF ENGLAND who were in 5th spot are not included

However, the Welsh have sadly lost Kenny Williams who died from a sudden massive heart attack whilst marshalling an event. Kenny used to be joint team manager with Geoff Edwards and this has brought the viability of two welsh teams into question.

The ACU now need to wait for Wales to confirm that they are still intending to enter 2 teams and if any of the above withdraw their application, then they will be in touch with those placed further down the list.

The ACU are sorry for the disappointment caused to teams who will not now get an entry – and assure the unlucky clubs that they will be writing to the Organiser to express their dissatisfaction that GB, who has consistently supported the ISDE in relatively high numbers regardless of venue, should now have our options cut so drastically and we will ask whether or not there can be any further consideration given to our entry. John Collins will also make representation at the Polish WEC where he expects to meet the Organisers. If we can make any difference to the accepted numbers then we will of course be in touch immediately.

So there is still hope for Witley to be there in Greece …….

to be cotinued..???....
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