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Written by Gordon Ayshford   
Monday, 14 July 2008
The Final instalment………
I.S.D.E. Update – end of the line.
At the beginning of June Witley were apparently without a place in the 2008 ISDE ~ the team had been left hanging, wondering if the sudden death of Kenny Williams, joint team manager with Geoff Edwards meant the Welsh would only send one team or if another place may come available through the organisers relaxing their hitherto bombastic approach to their rule of 4 club teams per country maximum.
After several meetings of the various Mid Wales factions the Welsh demonstrated their true grit and commitment to send 2 teams to Greece which unfortunately left the Witley team without a place. Further representations to the organisers trying to find an opening for the Witley team were to no avail so the decision was taken to cancel accommodation and abandon plans for the ISDE in Greece and concentrate on preparations for the Romaniacs Extreme Enduro that the team of Rob Carey Arnaud Didey and Peter Stabb had planned to travel straight to from the ISDE.
Then out of the blue on 9th July the organisers relented and notified the ACU that a 5th Team place was now available –but an answer as to who it would be was needed by the next day10th July. Wiltey were contacted but the team were not in a position to re-arrange all that had been cancelled and risk upsetting the plans now in place for Romania so had to decline – next on the list the RAF were in a similar position of unreadiness and had to decline so a message was sent out to the next teams in the priority list: IOM then SACU then Builth Wells offering them places. Whether they have taken these up remains to be seen.
So nor only are we in the position that this year’s Witley team have been denied a place they wanted but Witley will be falling behind in the current ACU ISDE priority list points system - - perhaps we will have to lobby for some changes……………..
On to Romaniacs……
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