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Written by Gordon Ayshford   
Tuesday, 24 September 2013

482, 582, 682, 738, 838, 938 these are the numbers that confirm it is all so real:

Team Witley “A”: 738 - Neil Bowker Class E2 on a KTM 250 2 strike , 838 – Arnaud Didey Class E2 on a KTM 250 2 Stroke, 938 – Rob Carey Class E3 KTM 300 2 Stroke.

Team Witley “1” 738 – Rob Johnson Class E1 Husky 250 4 Stroke, 582 – Dan Alldred Class E2 KTM 350 4 Stroke 682 – Aaron Smith Class E3 Husaberg 510 4 Stroke.


After some last minute doubts about the ideal machinery for the job the riders are now lined up for the start with a good spread of engine sizes and types – to echo the spirit of the event that used to require teams to have riders in different classes as a condition of entry.

Arnuad tried out a 4 stroke at the Natterjack thinking it more relaxed and more suitable for the long-distance event in Sardinia but day one at Weavers was enough to dispel this notion and he went home to get his 2 stroke for day 2.

Dan Alldred had tried out a 250 2 Stroke a while back and couldn’t get on with it and went back to his 350 4 stroke for the ISDE.

Neil Bowker had a blank canvas when he stepped in as a reserve – not having any Enduro Bike that was up to scratch for the ISDE – his initial plans to hire a bike fell apart when the scheme was withdrawn due to lack of customers and he has now got a 250 KTM 2 stroke set-up for the event.

Rob Johnson has Husqvarnas supplied by MPS (Mick Seward’s prestigious team from Yorkshire) and rides in their team.

Rob Carey goes for the big old Maicos for home events but for the rigors of the ISDE he has chosen KTM as the maker of his big 300 2 stroke.

The biggest bike of all however is ridden by Aaron Smith. Not many riders are bold enough for the brute force of the 510 Husaberg which has demonstrated a tendency to rattle itself apart during home events and has now reached the state where hopefully everything that can go wrong has gone wrong.

Aarons sponsors Midwest racing (the UK’s No 1 Husaberg dealer) have continuously rebuilt the failures and between them Aaron, his dad Shaun and the Midwest crew know that anything that can shake free or is affected by vibration either needs to be cushioned or securely clamped into place. Following a wiring connection failure on day one of the Natterjack the bike is getting a very thorough going-over before the departure for Sardinia.

The official website is continuously being updated as new information becomes available: http://www.fim-isde2013.com and now contains rider lists and routes being ridden each day. These maps show the positions of the Special tests and time checks.

Wish us luck & make our riders' numbers into lucky numbers!

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