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Written by Richard Troth Teamsnapper   
Friday, 28 December 2012

We arrived at Bagshot at 0630 on the 27th December in the pouring rain for the 30th Anniversary Boxing Day Enduro hosted by the Witley and District Motorcycle Club.

The course was 8 miles and with days and days of continual rain we all knew it was going to be tough for all and with Championship riders averaging a 45 minute lap gives you an idea of how tough it was, 2 hard/easy routes were on the course, one a 12 foot drop off of a World War II Pillbox that was only attempted by the very skilful or the insane and a drop-off, step-up over a concrete wall similar to the wall at Longmoor.

The course had many tough climbs and some log obstacles and off camber banks, tank wash etc that proved too much for many of the riders especially as majority of them were Sportsman/B Level Clubman. As usual the traditional Le-Mans run to the bikes start via firework.

It was a 3 hour hare n hound event but for some it was 4 hours, over 320 riders started, Over 120(approx) did not get one lap in, 90(approx) only managed 1 lap, 60(approx) managed 2 laps, 40(approx) managed 3 laps, 15(approx) managed 4 laps, Only the winner and runner up managed 5 laps, but all that finished should feel rightly proud of themselves because this will go down as one of the toughest events ever in the South of England

Championship Class
The blue and yellow of Aaron Smith and Tyson m Jones led the way for short while but the trials skills of Alexz Wigg that came in so handy soon took the lead and pulled quite a lead but the very clever tactician in Rich Ely kept to his plan and listened to his pit team and reeled Alexz in eventually pulling away to take a monumental victory with Alexz runner up, 3rd went to Max Varney on his first event on a 250 and sent out a warning message that he is ready and fit for 2013. Rich Ely
Rich Ely

Expert Class
The wetter, boggier and technical conditions is what suits Phil Wiffen and it showed with his effortless style and Phil worries about himself only and won't get drawn into a battle and simply rides his own race and simply enjoys and today that mixture was the winning formula, runner up and so deserved was another trials ace Tom Moss who has been up the pointed end so many times in 2012 but to be denied finishes by simply bad luck, 3rd went to another rider not afraid to dig deep and likes to battle was Karl Langford.

Veteran A Class
When Mark (The Kirbinator) Kirby and Gary McCoy are in same event you know there will be a fight to the end and it did not disappoint this time but the kirbinator is so on form and fit at present it was noticeable towards the end for him to take the victory over Gary, 3rd went to Darren Osborne.

Clubman A Class
Another rider that is going through a purple patch is Normandy MCC's James De-Merist and today he showed again he has the pace and when he posts a finish it is usually a podium and a top placed one today, Ian Hill was runner up and was great to see as no doubting Ian's ability, 3rd went to Dex Bayne Powell.

Veteran B Class
An exceptional ride from Kevin O'reordan with not just the class win but with 4 laps to his name it has to be applauded and it was not his speed but his technical ability and awareness of what was going on, runner up and another rider that has great experience and ability and just gets the job done was Stephen Head, 3rd went Michael Stradwick who looked like he was struggling for a while but towards the end he had got into a
rhythm and looked happy and well deserved podium.

Clubman B Class
Sam Wilson did not have the best of starts and i think it Sam who came off at the start and was prob at one stage last in his class but great skills and the ability to read the troubles ahead gave him the class win, 2nd to Robert Hladik who rides his own race and just relishes the challenges and so enjoys his events and one of the most improved riders of 2012, 3rd went to London Fire Brigade MCC John Gilbertson who rode probably the best i have seen this year and dare i say he looked happy out there.

Sportsman Class
What a popular victory for one of the nicest guys in the sport and so deserved for Mike Husband and to have completed 3 laps is proof that ability/skill were the tools needed today, runner up was Teenager Niles Reid whom i have to applaud as for a youngster he dug very deep and kept his attitude right which is rare in someone so young, 3rd went to Clive Wilson.

EVO Class
One of my favourite classes and was great to see so many out there and my pre race favourite Ian Proudfoot did not disappoint and seemed to relish in the conditions and even managed a wave for me, runner up was Rob Carey but i think had a bad start as seemed way back on lap 1 but made great recovery, 3rd went to Daryl Dale.

Witley MCC spent many hours setting up the course and doing their upmost to make a spectacle as this is one if not the most watched event in the South, and it worked and was a success, sadly with so much rain over the past weeks that no matter where it was staged it would have been tough but well done to Colin Boniface and the Witley crew. Was also nice touch that the commemorative mug given to every competitor had a photo of last years Expert class winner Tom Smith who sadly lost his life in an off road event quite soon after.

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