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Written by Team Snapper   
Friday, 30 December 2011

Witley Motorcycle Club BXDE 2011 Weavers Down, 27th December 2011

Perfect conditions, full entry with over 330 riders, 10 miles of forest, big hills, open stretches and sand.....WELCOME TO THE 2011 WITLEY MCC BXDE ENDURO.

Teamsnapper did a lap on the quad and conditions were absolutely fabulous. 2 bogs which if not negotiated right you were in trouble. The big hills as always would be mayhem for the 1st couple of laps and of course the infamous wall and sand bowl.

Championship Class - Sponsored by Teamsnapper
With over 20 riders entered in this class chasing the £200 prize money and the Overall and Championship Trophy. The traditional gun start and away they went. The 2 Par Honda riders Dorren Coutts and Tom Norton were making a serious gap between the following pack:- Alan Keet (Suzuki) was looking fast. James Graham (Honda) was seriously on song and was right up there in the mix and was so unlucky not to get a top 5 finish but can still be happy with 6th spot.

Young Tommy Alba (Suzuki) looked good early on but retired as did Teamsnapper rider Dan Beaven (Teamsnapper KTM) due to rear shock damage.

Juan Knight (GasGas) was running 3rd but retired after the 2nd lap, not sure why, Richard Ely making his debut on the Edmondson KTM who started steady but as the event wore on he was getting faster and faster, with hindsight if Richard had had more time on the bike he could of been on the rostrum but had to make do with 4th place this time.

Aaron Smith (Midwest / Teamsnapper Husaberg) just did not get into the rhythm that he needs to be on the podium, he looked like he was trying too hard.

Nick Life (Suzuki) was also looking good but must of had some problem but still managed 11th place.

Veteran and all round good guy Neil Bowker (Honda) who is a master tactician rode superbly and consistently to bag 9th place. Paul Merriman (KTM) who has not rode much this year but rode well for 10th. Local MX rider Jamie Tempest (Yamaha) did not go all out like a bull in a china shop like a lot of MX riders do when they do an enduro and then run out of steam, he rode an intelligent race and can be a serious contender with more enduro events under his belt.

Max Varney (Motoward Yamaha) did not start that quick but as the event wore on he seemed to find a rhythm and was making time back, but there is no doubting the talent of the young upstart who's dog Murphy was sporting a Teamsnapper T-Shirt on the day.

Guy Chandler (KTM) was also riding very well and was keeping within the top 10 all day with his very effortless looking style and certainly deserved 5th spot.

Big Tyson Maytom-Jones (Midwest Husaberg) who was a last minute entry and looked so relaxed pre race and his demeanour on the bike gave the impression he was really enjoying himself and seemed like he was a favourite with the crowd with his show boating, and to finish his 2011 season with a 3rd place.

Runner up was Jack Turner (KTM) whom was without doubt the most consistent rider out there with his text book style of riding and such a mature head on young shoulders, and it was these attributes that gained him 2nd place.

The Winner - Alan Keet (Suzuki) a MXer by profession but does the odd enduro and most of the enduro pundits all said he is one of the quickest out there but does he have the stamina and I have to be guilty of saying I did not think he would last at that pace, but fair play to Alan as he rode superbly and is one seriously fit athlete and we as Teamsnapper are honoured that he won the Teamsnapper Championship Trophy and £200 prize money.

All top 7 Championship Riders completed 8 laps.

Alan Keet

Expert Class - Sponsored by Elderfield Motorcycles With such a big field of talent it really was anyone's guess who the winner of this class was going to be. Super quick Joe Dyke was really going for broke with his pace which was at championship level but sadly after 3 laps his day was finished with a retirement. Wayne Holdsworth (Honda) rode well and consistently to bag 6th place. 5th went to Roger Frean (Yamaha) who seemed to ride a bit more conservatively than I have previously seen and looking at his times he was very consistent and deserved the top 5 place. Teenager (Teamsnapper / DK Autos KTM) George Hayes is so impressive to watch and is one to look out for next season and seems to get more mature as a rider event after event, and just missed out on the podium today but 4th is something to be proud of. 3rd place went to Chris Southcott (Yamaha) who was the most consistent rider of this class and was in the top mix throughout the day and managed to up his game in the closing stages to bag 3rd. 2nd place went to the very colourful and entertaining rider Dan Alldred (Honda) who spent more time in the air than he did on the ground and was definitely a crowd pleaser. The winner of this class, and friend of Teamsnapper Thomas Smith (KTM) who really stamped his authority with his aggressive no nonsense riding style that suited Weavers Down, he did not put a foot wrong all day, well done Tom.

All the top 12 in expert class managed 7 laps.

Thomas Smith BXDE 2011 Expert 1st place

Veteran A - sponsored by The Motorbike Shop
Another big field of veteran experts, with Croydon MCC rider Joe Beard (KTM) getting 6th place for riding lap after lap consistently and rode an intelligent race. 5th place went to Gary McCoy (KTM) who had a great battle with 4th place Wayne Player (KTM) who swapped places many times throughout the event with Wayne just getting the upper hand by seconds. 3rd spot went to Paul Jay (Honda) who really impressed me especially through the sand bowl and the 'tight stuff'. 2nd went to Euan Harrison (Teamsnapper Husaberg) who only just missed 1st place by a hairbreadth, Euan has had such a good season and is such a focused rider and really gives it his all, but today he had to concede to David Bayliss (Honda) who was a late entry but rode a superb race on the day in which he did not make any major mistakes, well done David.

All the top 13 in Vet A class managed 7 laps.

David Bayliss BXDE 2011 Veteran A 1st

Clubman A - sponsored by Wiggs VW
One of the biggest classes of the day with all the top 4 managing 7 laps and in 4th place Chris Pratt (Husaberg) who really made the Berg sing in the open stretches of the course. What a battle for 2nd and 3rd between the Brothers Mair Jason and Bradley (Maico's) who finished within spitting distance of each other, and as I have stated before that god help us if these guys ever get new modern machinery as they make those Maico's earn their money time and time again, also their Dad Dave also on a Maico finished 17th. No one could deny Teamsnapper KTM rider Brad Armstrong who by his own standards did not race to entertain but to be consistent and strong lap after lap of which he achieved with style and made the title his, well done Brad.

Brad Armstrong BXDE 2011 Clubman A Winner

Veteran B - sponsored by Signseen
Stephen Brooman (KTM) rode very well and looked very comfortable in the deep sand and quite comfortably took 3rd place on the podium. 2nd place went to Shaun Benson (GasGas) who had quite a lonely ride by the timing system as gapped 3rd place by a long way but still could not catch winner Phil Davies (KTM) who really mastered all that Weaver's Down could throw at him and really shone in this class and win was so deserved.

All the top 5 in Vet B class managed 6 laps.

Phil Davies BXDE 2011 Winner

Twinshock Evo - sponsored by Technasales What a great sight to see all these old twinshocks battling it out, local rider Rob Carey (Maico) looked like the force to be reckoned with but sadly retired which left Ian Proudfoot (Kawasaki) with the victory with a creditable 6 laps, closely followed by Rob Wilkinson (Maico) who also managed 6 laps as did the final podium place Carl Lillywhite (Armstrong). A great crowd pleasing class.

Ian Proudfoot BXDE 2011 Twinshock Evo Winner

Clubman B - sponsored by Woods Butchers
Was great to see class sponsor representative Rob Mussell present after such a horrific injury earlier in the season and we look forward to seeing him riding again next year. All the top 6 in this class managed 6 laps and from 2nd to 6th was so tight that it really came down to fitness and the real want of winning. It came down to seconds but 3rd place went to Mark Goddard (KTM), who just narrowly missed 2nd from James Coneron (KTM) what a battle these 2 had between themselves. No doubting the winner in this class who seemed untouchable throughout the event with his great text book style riding Sheldon Seal (Honda).

Sheldon Seal BXDE 2011 Clubman B Winner

Sportsman class - sponsored by Elgorriaga
This was the biggest class of the day by a long shot with well over a hundred riders and only the top 4 managed 6 laps with the Brothers Wilkinson taking top honours with Jamie (Suzuki) taking the much coveted 1st place from Brett (Yamaha). Brett had to fight for 2nd place from 3rd place Brad Warton (Honda) who really fought hard to get that 2nd but had to concede to 3rd spot. 4th place went to Clive Wilson (KTM).

Jamie Wilkinson BXDE 2011 Sportsman Winner


Mini Bikes - sponsored by 2 Clean
2 entries in this class good friends Mitchell Creese and Ben Payne who both were riding stomp 140's and really enjoyed themselves and helped each other out throughout the day and were constantly cheered on by the spectators, as the crowds so enjoyed the lunacy these 2 portrayed.

A massive thanks to Witley MCC, Colin Boniface and crew for having such a well organised and run BIG event that to all us mere spectators seemed to run without a hitch. Please visit our website to view / purchase photos from the day:- www.teamsnapper.co.uk

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