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Sunday, 13 December 2009

The H.C. Wake Trial, named in memory of Witley’s Chairman between 1932 and 1964, has for many years been held on the Saturday of Remembrance weekend.

This year, the Saturday was a sunny but very cold day. Eventually 63 riders signed on. Who looked after the signing on? It started with me as Secretary of the Meeting – nothing unusual there – but then an injury occurred to a rider practicing, so I had to deal with that. Then signing on was manned by Terry (Clerk of the Course) and then the ACU steward!

Rob Carey was despatched to the entrance to the farm to direct the ambulance and by the time the injured rider was taken to hospital all the riders had started and I returned to paperwork everywhere and the tea urn ready for a much needed brew! (Thanks Dave Kav).

We struggled to get enough Observers, but eventually we managed, and Terry was relieved of observing duties and returned as Clerk of the Course. (So far 3 jobs for Terry!)

Tea and sandwiches were available but we operated an ‘honesty box’ self-service which worked very well. The riders had a super day and enjoyed a good day’s riding thanks to Terry and Neil who set out the course (Neil doing so whilst possibly having ‘swine flu’!)

All in all a good day. My problems – where were the Witley members? Out of a membership of over 150, there were only 5 of us there on the day! Admittedly some of the regulars were doing other things, and that is to be expected; however, I feel that in future we need more of you to volunteer and not just use us as a means of gaining an ACU licence.


(Opinions expressed are mine – not those of the Committee) Jo Ayshford

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