Welcome To Witley

Witley MCC is a forward-looking Club and our aim is to promote all aspects of motorcycle sport and leisure in the 21st century, building on our long heritage of well over 90 years of excellence in organisation and competition.

Off-road motorcycle sport gives riders of all abilities the opportunity to participate in a variety of exciting and enjoyable activities in a controlled environment, to compete at their own level and to meet other riders with the same interests.

The main sporting disciplines currently followed by our members are Enduro, Trials and Grass Track racing. But we also warmly welcome on-the-road motorcyclists or anybody with an interest in any aspect of motorcycling.

Although Enduro is a time-trial competition, riders compete against the clock rather than directly against each other with the latest in motocross-style machines there is still plenty of excitement and spectacle. Ask for details of future events, or check it out on Boxing Day and walk off that extra portion of Christmas pud!

Observed Trials gives anyone the opportunity to take part in motorcycle sport it’s affordable and great fun for riders of either sex and any age. The objective is to complete the course of obstacles, consisting of a number of sections, without stopping or using the feet, marks are lost for these faults. Our mini arena trial gives you a flavour.

Grass Track racers uses bikes similar to speedway machines on an oval grass circuit. It’s a fast and furious game with lots of thrills and, needless to say, occasional spills. Sidecar outfits of several designs compete too.

We organise an annual Long Distance Trial using byways and green lanes in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex, and a number of Witley members are regular green lane users, keen to maintain the rights of access to the few remaining byways in our district. Our Road riders own a wide variety of machinery from the classic to the very modern, but all share a love of the open road.

Come and find out more about Witley whether your interests are in competition or socialising (plenty of that too!), we hope to have something to interest you!

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