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Written by Gordon Ayshford   
Thursday, 12 June 2008
I.S.D.E. Update

As promised the details of the selection criteria have been distributed from the ACU to the interested clubs.

Ian George and Bernard Jay have joined forces to undertake the management of the Witley Team. Bernard is applying his administrative and business skills in dealing with the ACU ‘red-tape’ to ensure that the Witley Team eligibility justification is presented to best effect while Ian is making best use of his style of rider and worker motivation to ensure that we will have a ‘WitleyTeam’ in the true sense of the word. When the paperwork is sorted and the role of team management moves into a more physical phase the handover from Bernard to Ian as ‘Team Manager’ will take place and Ian will be at the helm during the event. We all have high hopes that the on-going Witley profile within ISDE, the experience of this year’s riders Peter Stabb, Rob Carey and Arnaud Didey; plus their commitment to a number of demanding continental events during this season will secure them a place in this year’s event.

As ever accommodation is a major issue. The town of Serres at the centre of this years event has a number of Hotels available and the ACU have block-booked 100 beds in two hotels only 300m apart. At £31 per person per night for B&B this sounds like good value for those buying into the ACU package and the accommodation will be sufficient for the core group of Team GB riders, team management and support crew. But when the logistics of accommodating the singles, twins and doubles required by the individuals that finally commit a room for the night may not be so easy to come by and a number of teams had indicated at the meeting in Rugby in February that they would be finding their own accommodation. One major drawback with the ACU Hotels is the lack of parking available – let alone secure parking with only a couple of spaces on the street outside the hotel being up for grabs. There is a promise of secure parking at the event start Parc Ferme a few kilometres away so shuttling the riders around for bike set-up and practice sessions should provide the team managers and logistics support a few challenges in addition to getting everyone to the start on time during the six days of the event Sept 1st – 6th. A further fly in the ointment that may cause some ‘interesting’ issues is the proposal that the individual rider’s start times be adjusted each day to reflect their finishing position the day before – The general consensus at the ACU meeting is that this would be unworkable and as the regs had not been published at this time (waiting for approval from the FIM in Geneva) a more realistic method of ensuring that the field of riders is mixed up during the week may come to the fore… watch this space… Another issue still to be resolved is rider/bike road insurance – Ted Bartlett is checking out whether the organisers event insurance will include road cover as per NZ and Chile. The next ACU team manager’s meeting is on 5th July, by which time the answers to the critical question of will Witley be in Greece this year? will be known……

to be continued.........
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