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I would like to thank everyone who helped make the Witley 100 LDT a successful event. Alan Clarke and I took on the post of Clerk of the Course, but we could not have done it without the help and teamwork of the Witley committee and your club members. Manny was first class with the secretarial work, setting up the paddock and timing the tests. Neil and his team for laying out the test, and Barry for cajoling enough observers to cover 9 sections, and thanks to all the observers.

All the comments that I heard at the tea wagon after the event were positive and I think everyone enjoyed the day. We have learnt a few things that we may change for next year, I didn’t like having observers out on their own, it’s not safe practice, and it’s boring standing around waiting for riders to come a long. We’ll try to set more of the sections together in pairs, so that even if we only have one person to man that section they are not on their own. There were comments that the long special test favoured the Enduro bikes against the Pre ‘65 trials bikes, however the way we laid out the sections the Pre ’65 bikes had the advantage on the Enduro bikes. We are looking for an answer; it could be that we run separate classes. We also think that it would be a good idea to put all the classic bike at the front of the entry so at least they have a chance of getting back before dark.

I only had one response to the PR notices that were posted at the end of each byway. A councillor from Lower Froyle, who lives in Hussey’s Lane, had been approached by some neighbours regarding the speed of some of the bikes, which they thought were exceeding the 30 mph limit. He conceded that it was a minority and that most were riding considerately. He also said that it is a popular byway often used by Moto Crossers. I told him that if we use Hussey’s Lane on a future event then we would make a note on the road book to observe the speed limit. Can I also ask that if you or your mates are users of Hussey’s Lane when out green laneing please show consideration when riding through the built up area.

We are already working on next year’s event the date should be 16th October 2016.

Other SEC dates for your Diary, RRND 1st May, Eastbourne 7th August, and Sidcup Timber Woods 25th September.

Braintree has an LDT in March and the Swindonian is May/June.

Thanks for your support.

Roger Brown.

Witley 100 Long Distance Trial 2015 Print E-mail

Witley 100 2015
Clerk of the Course:
Alan Clarke
Assistant Clerk of the Course: Roger Brown

Secretary of the Meeting:
Manny Bernardez
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Mobile: 07941 477916

Online Entry Form:
Mail Entry Form: Closed
Riders List: Here

The Witley Motor Cycle Club will be running the Witley 100 Long Distance Trial on Sunday 18th October 2015. The start/finish will be at Down Farm, Odiham, Hants RG29 1QX.

After a one-year hiatus, this popular event is back thanks to the hard work put in by Alan Clark and Roger Brown. The route will be two circular routes centred around Down Farm, one ridden in the morning, the other in the afternoon. In total it will take in approximately 100 miles of roads, country lanes, green lanes, and byways from Odiham to Steep and Alton before returning to Odiham.

You will navigate your way around the course using a ‘road book’ which will be given to you at the start. The road book consists of a number of A4 sheets of paper with numbered boxes. Each box has a diagram of a road junction with direction arrows and approximate mileages from the previous box. Although the event is a competition, it is not a race – it is a pleasant trail ride through the beautiful Hampshire countryside.

There will be approximately 10 trials sections – all fairly simple stuff like riding across ruts or a log without putting your feet down – along the way. At the end of the first loop there will be a timed special test to test your skill at speed. You will be marked for negotiating the sections without putting your feet down, stalling or falling off, and for the time you take for the special test.

The event is run under ACU rules. You will need a road legal bike (knobbly tyres recommended). As the event is run during the day, a daylight MOT is acceptable. The entry fee is £38. If you do not have an ACU licence, that will cost you an extra £10 and, if you are not a member of an ACU affiliated motorcycle club, we can offer you a year’s Club membership with Witley MCC for only £10. We accept team entries of three riders, at no extra cost.

Additional One-Day third party insurance for £10 will be available at sign-on if you can meet the criteria. It is the rider’s responsibility that your machine is properly taxed, MOT and insured.


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