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Written by Geoff Grimes   
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First Report

It’s always an adventure going to an Enduro, and especially when it’s a bunch of blokes together in a foreign country.
But actually it all started ages ago, as it has to, so entering aside and club meetings and getting the money together is at this stage taken for granted. Well even at the last minute there was lots of panicking, not least from Rob who burned his clutch out four days before our departure! Well it’s not that unheard of so I went to collect him a bunch of parts from CI sport in Leatherhead.
Slowly but surely we were getting closer to the off. Bikes were packed the night before departure at Robs House into Pete's van (oh Robs van also blew up the week before so were now using Lawrence’s car in its place, I told you this can be an adventure).
So an early start got us on a ferry bound from Dover to Dunkirk and a long drive ahead to stop in Nurnburg in Germany, I was travelling with Lawrence and he was still aching from the previous weekends riding. After a pleasant meal and nights Kip we were off to drive on to Slovakia via Austria. All went well and we arrived in Povazska Bystrica in good time. We had a little look around the start area and met some old friends in our assigned pit area.
We headed off to meet our landlord, Miroslav, at our accommodation at the arranged time to find him with a couple of other people sitting drinking outside our Chalet, whilst he was relieving himself in the gaze of our headlights, his opening gambit as we got out of the car was an almighty fart!

Miroslav our landlordThey were obviously meant to be cleaning the place up as it had been closed since last winter, but managed to get the bottle tops off and get no further. Quickly we realised that this was going all Pete Tong, but we had a guided tour of our musty smelling house, and were sat down to finalise the payment negotiations, obviously being forced to drink whatever the vile concoction was that our host had been so busy devouring. Well, it took seconds for us all to spot the Syrup he was wearing and we were merciless at extracting the michael, fortunately he didn’t understand a word! The Chalet is basic but OK, so the following morning we set about cleaning it up and knocking it in to shape. Followed by lunch and a session of bike preparation. Well, Pete’s little Yam 125 is a gem and hardly needed looking at, Lols
(Lawrence to those not in the know) seasoned Yam is also fairing ok, just the ongoing handguard problem from last year, so he set about fixing it good and proper. Well Robs KTM was another story, to cut it short, we did the clutch, put it back together and it leaked oil. So we did it again,...and again,....and again......we figured to look at it in the morning and all should be well. You’ve guessed it another pool of oil, so now we decided to buy a new
cover from KTM at the event start area from their fantastic support set up. This was achieved and we were set up in the pits with all bikes being fettled, tyres stickers etc, Bob now the proud owner of a 2006 very trick looking side case. Fingers crossed that we found the right fault! The Bikes were now put through scutineering, and although we had been late all day due to the hassles we were finally in the park ferme and sorted, albeit with oil flowing from Robs bash plate, which were sure is only what was over spilled.
Well no time for a fancy photo shoot like the other British teams, but I’m sure we’ve some good snaps.

Well we had a couple of days to kill so obviously we drank too much tried to
find some nice places to eat and attend an ACU meeting. Then find the special tests and walk as much as we could find. So far we’ve seen all the Enduro tests and a couple of Cross tests. The Cross tests look fairly normal. Well taped on quite hilly terrain and fairly long though relatively straightforward, well in the dry anyway. If it is wet they’ll be challenging but not impossible. As for the Enduro tests, they are a different matter altogether. Steep hillsides into steep forests with roots everywhere, and drops and jumps everywhere, but mostly STEEP! In the dry they will be hard and like difficult going, if it is wet however, they will be a challenge to complete....watch this space.

So far the weather has been sunny and overcast with a light drizzle from time to time, but not enough to do anything more than keep the dust down, and the forecast is the same. Bernie arrived safely but blew his tyre out on the hire car after overshooting a corner trying to find the Chalet. Dave Kav arrived safe by bike saying Dave Kav arrived safe by bike saying his arse felt like it had been around Elton John for most of the ride, I think I know what he means!

Having FunPJ arrived most refreshed after flying with a bunch of Essex girls who even drove him to meet us...
The Opening ceremony was last night and it was the usual presentation of Teams and a very colourful sight it was too. Its just a shame the opening speeches went on for so long, as they do. The locals, like us only really wanted to see the Freestyle MX action, which was, it has to be said, absolutely excellent. We left after the show and watched the fireworks from down the road which were also superb. Apart from our club team, all the GB contingent is settled in well and only the Irish team have totalled a van in a crash, but no one hurt Fortunately. Chris Hockey, obviously a super star, went back to the UK for the weekend to ride a centre round, obviously a super star! The Americans container has just arrived today, so they’ve had a busy time I guess, I wish Id seen that, some Frenzy!
Other than that, I think everything is set for a great 6 days riding. As I did last year I will write on a daily basis as and when there is Time, but Ill try to do something everyday.

Day 1 The start time schedule B.

Lawrence at the startFinally after all the hard work and preparations our boys got to face a day in the saddle. You know what they say about the flag dropping and the bulls**t stopping. All three of our Witley MCC club team riders riding were as well prepared as they could have been. There were a few small jobs to be done in the morning 10 minute work time, but most important was a quick check over the bikes and fix the days time schedule to the bars. First off was Lawrence The Catt, his only mini adventure was getting his long legs together enough to push the bike up the start ramp, without falling flat on his back, he didn't understand why the riders had first to negotiate this ramp, but from the front it was obvious as the sponsors names adorned the start ramp and the riders looked highly presentable with the Maxxis (event sponsor) girls holding umbrellas over their heads, and wearing nothingbut a lycra one piece suit! Down Bernard! His bike started ok and he was gone.
Maxxis GirlsNext off, one minute behind was Peter Batt, with no such dramas. His little Yam 125 fired first kick and he was away. A long hour passed in the pit area
as we focused on Rob (Scarey) Carey, who has to travel to the start early, as we are all in one car and based 25 kms away. So he relaxed drinking tea and enjoying a Marlboro moment, or two, three.....
Again Rob got to the line, after checking his crankcase leak was all sorted, with all the usual help from the fantastic British pit support under the guidance of Dave May Millar, and Got away on time.
Lawrence in the pits.Myself and pit monkey, Paul Jay, cleared up our team area and headed off to the tests. We saw Rob one the first test and all seemed in order. The problem with having riders with early start times and then one with a late time is that you cannot manage to see all your riders at all tests. We opted to go to the Cross test (MX type) 3 and watch all the riders go through.

The roads are very busy with outriders and support crews and local traffic all trying to get close to the action. We managed a safe journey and parked in the long grass (sorry Lol) and climbed to a good vantage point. We just missed David Knight through the test, and caught the superstar Chris Hockey at the start. We gave him, as all the British riders a mighty cheer, and watched as all the riders made their way round the course.

Our team riders looked every bit as good as any others and everybody's
engine revs certainly increased at the sight of a British supporter! Our lads were through safely this far and looking good. We watched Knighter go by and he was shifting, he looked a little ragged but apparently had just moved the needle in his carb and was obviously getting a little more power than usual...Paul Eddy looked unbelievably smooth and to me was riding brilliantly.

We met up with Lol and Batty as they were about to do this test again, we now knew Lol had brake problems, so we set off to the pit to scavenge another rear brake unit for his evening check time. Pete was fine.

Back in the pits we got the parts we needed and tyres moussed and ready for any necessary changes. Lol came in complaining that it was difficult to ride all day with only a front brake. He recently fitted a non drilled rear disc and believes that it was getting so hot that it melted the switch unit which activates the rear brake light causing a loss of fluid. He swapped units and was into the final time check without losing time all day.

Batty was next in to the pits and did an air filter and a couple of small jobs electing to leave his tyre alone for another day. Also he was through the day dropping no time.

Again the long wait for Rob, Now at the end of the day. He came in and changed a rear tyre and adjusted his chain and also finished the day clean. Rob said that riding doesn't get any better than this, my only concern is that as so many riders stayed clean today, the course will be speed up tomorrow, to start eliminating riders from the results, unfair it may seem but this is how a result is achieved in the six days and the faster riders are always rewarded whereas the slower riders risk dropping out to the point of houring out.

Robert JonesA couple of other riders to mention
must be poor Robert Jones, who was to ride for the trophy team, but has a serious viral infection so was pulled out the day before the event. This made way for the smiliest man of the day, the British Army's Kevin Murray, who stepped in to ride as the first ever Army rider in a trophy team. He also had to use Robs Bike as he was moved to the E1 class he had a great days riding and took great delight in telling Robthat had been over the bars on his bike......
Also to mention was James Yearley (riding for Hockey's Team England), who had a chain problem on his KTM resulting in a clutch master cylinder problem, though he fixed this on the going he lost some 40 minutes. He was still pragmatic and delighted to be able to carry on tomorrow.

Our only real concern was that a lot of outriders and trail riders were riding on the course, this was a particular problem to Scarey as he nearly had a head on and Lawrence managed to get lost in the dust and head off in the
wrong direction for several minutes. I spoke to the clerk of the course and it was to be raised at the jury meeting, hopefully this will get sorted before somebody gets hurt or loses time as a result.

I'm sure many other tales are out there to be told, but when you focus so closely one one team it tends to wash over your head a little., however Ill keep my ears and eyes open and try to remember what happens. The results are a little difficult to follow at the moment but can be found on the official website.

As I see it;
Day 1 E1 class:
1st Brit rider Si Wakely in 20th position, 96th Peter Batt, 103rd Lawrence Catt, 121 finishers.

Day 1 E3 class:
1st Brit rider David Knight 1st position, 66th Rob Carey,96 finishers.

1st David Knight, 2nd Stefan Merriman AUS, 3rd Samuli Aro FIN, 9th Paul Ed, 281st Batty, 290th Scarey, 304th Lowrence.

Day 2 A Schedule Day 1 course repeated.

Rob Carey, Lawrence Catt and Peter BattOur lads were in fine form this morning after a good night’s sleep and a great meal at our favorite PB
restaurant, The Banco del Peru! Situated in the financial district of the town is a fab restaurant at bargain prices. No holds barred eating (and a little support crew drinking) will still find change out of 40 quid for 7 people!
This is a great town in a great country! Though poor by European standards, we all feel very at home and are receiving a very rich welcome. There are no significant problems and the lads all enjoyed yesterdays riding, reporting a happy and positive atmosphere from the locals all around the course. The morning on day 2 is always hard, it’s so much relief to get day one over and past all the build up, but I think you forget how tiring a days riding really is. All our lads said it was hard and technical riding, which to me says tiring!

As suspected the time schedule has now been tightened and we are on A schedule. This means approximately 4 minutes will be taken out of the 30 minute checks and 5 minutes will be taken out of the longer checks. Yes you’ve guessed it, today is gonna be a lot tougher. The lads all said yesterday was fast enough with as little as a couple of minutes at each check, well Einstein I’m not, but I reckon well see lots of time being dropped today. This is to be expected as every year the organisers try to whittle down the field, to the people with either the skill or determination needed to stay in the starting list.
I think most people will fare well, but if it starts to rain at any time, well god help them all! Well I’m just back from a test and it’s still dusty out there, though not so you
cannot see.

I managed to see all our lads through one test each and they’re doing well. First I saw Rob and caught him completely by surprise, as I said he’s at the back, and the spectators are usually heading off when he is against the clock. Well I hollered and hooted and he obliged with a handful of gas, it has an instant effect and he was smokin the trails and roostin the berms! Anyway he wasn’t far behind the legendary
Kari with RobertKari Tianen, who is now his new buddy, since they met at yesterdays
start and rode a couple of minutes apart, and to Robs absolute delight he finished ahead of him on the day, ok, Kari had bike problems and broke an ignition cover but that was good enough for Rob, just to beat a legend once will
I moved on to the last mx test and
saw some of the British contingent
arriving and getting on with the job
in hand. Everybody looks good in
the test and the British teams are doing us proud. When Lawrence arrived I met him before the test start and he had a very flat looking rear tyre, his mousse had started to break up, so we were definitely changing a rear tyre tonight. He rode the test steadily but was more concerned at keeping the tyre on the rim.

Batty wasn’t far behind and I told him I wanted to see some real MX action in the test, but I know he was smirking inside his helmet. Vie since learned he has ridden an enduro bike twice since last years 6 days (now I think that’s pretty impressive). He headed off from the test on one wheel obliging the crowd, which is actually bigger after the test where they are encouraging all riders to get it up for as long as possible, to finish his lap. Back at the pits, we had a little commotion as Lawrence arrived back, in fact he had done the hard work, but stress gets to us all in different ways, and a simple instruction to reverse his bike in resulted in confusion and a little (out of character) swearing!
The Witley PitsAnyway he got the tyre off and replaced with a new mousse and got
in safely on time, which in itself is a
great days riding!

Pete arrived in the middle of all of
this and due to the non backing in
of Lols bike, resulted in Pete having to use the wrong Mousse board. Well
everybody likes to use their own kit and again a few choice words were muttered, but not in anybodies particular direction. Again he managed to get to the final check but unluckily had been caught in a group of stuck riders up a hill and was running a minute late, so one minute lost on the day. With the boys back in the pit area Lol had calmed completely and apologised for his way, however, I would never hold anything against a rider who has just ridden for a day like that, I seem to remember being a little hot headed once or twice myself when these guys were all supporting me in The Czech Republic, but that’s another story, just ask Batty about the flying tyre levers! Anyway we were all best friends immediately.

Finally Rob came in and slipped a rear on and had time for a check over his machine before heading in to the final time control, again staying clean on time all day.
Pretty Local GirlThe usual debrief of riders over tea and salami rolls (plentiful here) and of course Robs Fags was telling us what we knew already. The day had been hard and arduous and there was no time for rests at the checks. The banter soon switching to tales of how pretty the local girls are adorning the course and how many wheelies were pulled for the locals. Also today was how many hands you can high five whilst riding along the road. Rob had a moment where he was a bit slow and in fact the kids were all whacking him on the back (now just remember he aches a little at this point)!
ISDE ProgramThe lads have started their evening relax program and have headed off to the fantastic local swimming pool, to loosen up and smell sweet once more!! (not sure that’s ever likely)!
Tonight will be the usual stories at dinner and early to bed. On thing I forgot to mention before was that at the end of day one our team was laying (unofficially) 33rd out of 77 or so.

Today I know a couple of British Riders have gone out, namely Paul Hearn from one of the Army Teams, who lost a front brake and houred out and the other I believe was Mick Seward From Ryedale who lost a handlebar bolt and also houred out.

Results as I see them unofficially are;

E1 Class day 2
1st Bastosz Oblucki Pol, 24th Ed Jones, 25th Si Wakely, 38th Lee Edmondson (pauls little brother in the junior trophy team) 39th Superstar Chris Hockey!, 42nd Dylan Jones, 43rd Kev Murray, 48th Ricky (night) Mair, 59th Andrew Edwards, 99th PETER BATT, 102nd LAWRENCE CATT 120 finishers in class.

E2 Class day 2
1st Stefan Merriman AUS, 2nd Samuli Aro FIN, 3rd Paul Fast Eddy, 21st Euan Mcconnell, 38th Ollie Moyce 157 finishers in class.

E3 class day 2
1st David Knight, 2nd Zanni ITA, 3rd Tarkkala FIN, 52nd Craig Bounds, 67th ROBERT CAREY, 91st Julian Crimp 98 finishers class.

Overall Positions after day 2
1st David Knight, 2nd Stefan Merriman, Samuli Aro, 13th Paul Fast Eddy, 88th Ollie Moyce, 297th ROBERT CAREY, 301st PETER BATT, 312nd LARENCE CATT 374 finishers.

Day 3, New Course, Schedule A.

Another day in the saddle for the lads, now recharged after another nights sleep and hearty dinner, conversation at the dinner table turned to whether or not the lads could go faster on the tests. Lol wouldn’t be drawn on the matter and was out of the conversation, but both Pete and Rob said it was possible. Paul and I both reckoned if it was possible that they should try a little harder and go for it, thereby improving their standings in the results.
This was all very light hearted and meant to be tongue in cheek, but the banter continued and we tried to gee the riders up with a little reverse psychology. We had an early night and crashed in front of a real fire at home with a cup of tea, well we are British.

This morning was fairly smooth through the pits and both Pete and Lol got their minor jobs done in the work time an assortment of air filters, bolt tightening and new times being fixed on for the day. Only Rob had a little worry about a hydraulic oil leak from his clutch and after checking his levels he took a small bottle of oil with him in his bumbag.

All the lads got away on time and were looking forward to the day. We had learned there was a big hill early on and a few riders were being caught out by it and losing time on the first check. Knowing today was day 3 and on A schedule always meant it was to be a fast and hard day. It was only as we were leaving the start area that we received word that Lawrence was having a problem with a blanking plug in his motor. We quickly stripped his spare bike of the part and headed off to meet him on the course at one of the British service checks. We spent some time here and enjoyed a fine cup of tea and chatted as time would allow, looking out for riders coming in for fuel and soon realised that today was difficult and lots of riders were losing time. The support as ever at these checks is first class and this was a slick run operation.
We met Peter who was running a minute late and learned that Lawrence had lost considerable time. Pete headed off and we awaited Lols arrival. He came in about 20 mins late and we looked at his motor, now sporting a piece of tree wrapped in a piece of rag, a great bodge to keep him going. We gave him the new plug and he decided to take it with him, use it in an emergency or refit it at the end of the day, work time.
Paul and I headed off to the Second Cross test of the day some two minutes walk up the hill. The atmosphere here was electric, the road was jammed with traffic, cars were parked everywhere, the sun was shining and bikes were racing around the test. This is as much fun as Enduro gets. We cheered all the British contingent and met our Finnish friends, who seem to be at every test we go to. We met a couple of days ago and we cheer each others riders by.
Finnish Fan With FlagSo we cheer Rob’s new mate Kari Tianen and in return about seven drunk Finnish blokes with the biggest Finnish flag you’ve ever seen, give Rob a lift in return.
All the British riders we saw were going well and David Knight looked to be on a mission, he was getting cheered by people from all nations. We certainly cheered and ran around a lot giving everybody our support and when Batty came through we were hollering, Ten Seconds, I could see him grinning in his helmet after last nights banter. The same happened with Rob and could see he was trying a little harder today!

Back in the pits, we had Pete in first, who changed a front tyre and replaced a couple of missing bolts from his mudguard. Everything went smoothly and he was happy at only losing 5 minutes on today’s fast going. Next in was Lol who was cool as could be, unlike his bike which was hot and now smoking, losing oil from the missing plug which was burning off on the exhaust. It always looks worse than it is with oil, but it’s never a good thing either. He dumped his old oil, changed the front tyre and replaced the plug in the engine. He was pragmatic at losing time and was only concerned to fix the bike and prepared to lose time in making necessary repairs. He went in losing about 40 minutes on the day.

Robs pit stop was also straightforward, with a front tyre being replaced and the usual chain lubing and check over the bike. Fueled up and ready to go for tomorrow, he was very pleased to have stayed clean on time all day. Good riding Bob!

Several British riders today failed to finish, including Julian Crimp who dislocated his thumb. Oliver Moyce who I believe hurt his arm. Jack Johns, riding for the Army, who dislocated his shoulder. Also a couple of others but Ill check on that. The riding was obviously hard today but definitely to the liking of some competitors more than others, of course tomorrow will be harder, riding the same course, but getting cut up as the day goes by. The tea drinking debrief was interesting as Lawrence obviously struggled hard on a tough course with added bike problems, but was nonetheless happy with a hard day out of the way. Peter was happy enough, not to lose more time than he did and enjoyed a hard day. Rob was happy and really enjoyed the day a lot, grinning when asked if it was fun. Both lads enjoyed the support in the test and laughed off any chance of riding faster, maybe tomorrow then....
Tonight’s relaxation program will be the same as last night, swimming, dinner and an early night. Somewhere in that schedule we will also have to sort the kit for tomorrow but our facilities for washing and drying aren’t too great, so we will do the bare minimum and have a big fire!
Yesterdays results showed that we were laying 37th club team though we dropped a couple of places I'msure today that will change. We are
3rd British club team and going strong......

Day 2 results

1st Italy (including Sala), 2nd Czech Rep, 3rd Italy, 4th Wales A, 6th New
Zealand (including Kelly Pogo Patterson!), 25th Wales B, 37th Witley MCC, 50th Team England (Hockeys lot), 76 teams listed.

Junior Trophy:
1st Italy, 2ndFrance, 3rd Finland, 6th Great Britain World

1st Italy, 2nd France, 3rd Finland, 5th Great Britain

E1 Class:
1st Albergoni ITA, 2nd Belometti ITA, 3rd Oblucki POL, 19th Si Wakely GB, 21st Greg Evans GB, 23rd Ed Jones, 28th Kev Murray GB, 33rd Lee Endmondson GB, 36th Dylan Jones GB, 91st LAWRENCE CATT GB, 97th PETER BATT GB, 111 finishers 12 retirements.

E2 Class:
1st Merriman AUS, 2nd Pohjamo FIN, 3rd Botturi ITA, 6th Paul Edmondson GB, 20th Euan Mcconell GB, 152 finishers 8 retirements.

E3 Class:
1st David Knight GB, 2nd Tarkkala FIN, 3rd Zanni ITA, 13th Kari Tianen FIN, 51st Craig Bounds GB, 63rd ROBERT WILLIAM CAREY GB, 85th Julian Crimp GB 94 finishers 5 retirements.

I’m not sure about overall but I believe David Knight is leading from Merriman.
That’s all for today

Day 4 A schedule same course as yesterday.

Peter Batt RestingWell all good plans and all that. Far from having a rest last night after the swimming session for our tired lads, it was, I believe quite hard work pushing the car to the gas station, in their flip flops and shorts!
Paul, the pit monkey, was driving the lad’s home but had failed to notice the tank was empty. I believe the Army lads have a saying which includes seven P's to prevent this.....
The evening was a quiet one, well apart from the Czech National drinking team who were in the restaurant with us, it was extremely noisy and reached a crescendo when one of their friends turned up wearing a Czech Police uniform to
their great amusement. Obviously we were all wearing the big hat and having our photos taken by them, who were insistent on us drinking more Pivo (beer) and challenging us to a game of table Foosball. Obviously we declined, which was hard to do, but when they finally understood that we had three riders at the table and their lads had long since gone to bed, they allowed to sleep off to bed.....
The Morning routine is now well sorted, but Lawrence is a little slower than Pete, so we have to try and keep things flowing smoothly along. The start times were made some 10 minutes earlier today, to close up some of the spaces in the start list, so we had to make sure we were not late. Lol applied some epoxy metal around his new blanking plug, to make sure it stays in place and checked the bike is staying together. As he has lost some 39 minutes now he is happy just to make it to the finish, so he can keep an eye on things and use some of his hour if necessary
on the course today. So long as he doesn’t hour out he will make it to the finish.

Peter was in the pits fashioning a 2005 silencer onto his 2001 YZ 125, which he knows is a little noisy, and was informed by one of the Welsh riders that the sound check inspectors had their eye on him. However they didn’t manage to stop him but by staying one step ahead of the game he hopes to eliminate a problem before it arises. As this is a marked component on
the bike it had to be remarked in the work area by an FIM official. With this duly achieved Peter set off hoping for a quiet day....

Rob was also bumped up some 12 minutes but his later schedule means he has had plenty of tea to drink and Marlboro to smoke! In fact I reckon the only thing that would stop Rob finishing is running out of his fags on the course. Yesterday at the check where Dave Kav and new boy Bernard were servicing the riders Rob Rolled in to receive a pre lit smoke from Bernard, now of course this all happened on a non fuel check thereby staying within the rules!

Rob got off on time and is now riding with only two bikes on the minute behind him, he seems happy enough and is still enjoying the riding. The word is that all riders found day 3 hard as the pace was so quick, and today on the same course with the same schedule, it will be even tougher. The weather is a little overcast, we normally have early morning mist shrouding our mountain Chalet, which usually burns off to leave a hot and sunny day. However it may stay cooler and be a little easier for the riders today. Day 3 results saw us move up one position as a team to 38th but down one position in terms of GB teams as Hockeys Team England climbed to 37th and pushed us to 4th GB club team, however I’ve just learned that Chris has not made the days first check so we may well improve this if all our riders get home safely tonight.

Two riders dropped out of our Junior Trophy team so they are now effectively last. Our World Trophy Team however is still strong and laying 5th some 17 minutes behind the Italian team, followed by the French and then Finish Team.

Things change everyday.
Our highest placed rider in E1 Class is Si Wakely in 19th, Dylan Jones in 21st, Ed Jones in 27th, PETER BATT in 82nd, and LAWRENCE CATT in 99th with 106 finishers and 16 retirements.
Merriman still lead E2 Class and sometime Brit Paul Whibley lies in 4th, Paul Fast Eddy is 14th, Euan Mcconnell in 19th,our old buddy Kelly Patterson is 89th and his NZ team is laying 6th, 141 finishers in class and 19 retirements.
Knighter still leads the E3 Class and heads the overall results, though this is not officially recognised as this is a team event, Craig Bounds riding for Wales is 44th, and ROB CAREY is 50th after a clean day yesterday. 91 riders listed and 7 retired..

Day 5

Lawrence CattThe day was arduous as expected but both Pete and Rob managed to survive the course and stay in the competition. Both riders rode the tests as going as the most important thing was a day finish. Time in the pits was spent cleaning mud from filthy bikes and checking nothing had broken in preparation for the final Mx. The tests again were a splendid sight, though it was cold and wet, pool old Lol standing on a home made crutch and suffering in the cold. The British team riders looked fantastic and Paul Eddy was flying, as was Euan Mcconnel, in fact where I was watching from they looked quicker than Knighter. However Edd and Knight both won their respective classes
for the day pulling the Trophy team up to 4th overall.
Peter lost 34 minutes and a 10 second start penalty and finished in 72nd position. Rob lost 20 minutes and finished in 50th position. The team is still in 39th position but are carrying a maximum for Lols absence. Times have been moved forward again this morning as the riders have to ride to the test in final mx race order so Peter is off at 0821 and Rob 0939. Both riders have set off ok and we wish them all the luck in finishing this final day.

Day 6 Final Moto Cross Test Weather Cold wind and overcast.

Motocross StartA short ride to the final test proved almost uneventful for Peter today, his only problem was a gear lever which would only change up and not down. Fortunately he managed to make repairs at the time check on the course and resolve the problem. Rob had a trouble free ride and both our remaining riders lost no time. Though this was unlikely anything can happen and you cannot take anything for granted, even to the final test it is compulsory to complete at least one lap of the track, so it is imperative not to fail at this stage, so close to completing the six days.

The Sverepec Moto X stadium is truly inspiring, a purpose built track with grandstand seating a host of trade stand areas and food stalls galore. A three storey control tower stands above the start area and set in a natural bowl, the spectating is great from everywhere as you can see all variety of jumps, hillclimbs, off camber corners and flat out blasts.

The house was packed as it is Sunday and all the locals interested were here to watch the worlds finest Enduro riders in action, oh and a couple of lads from Witley MCC as well!

The races were to be fifteen minute moto x races with proper gate starts. The first of the superbly run races was the E1 final. This race contained a lot of British interest with Kevin Murray, Ed Jones and Si Wakely all included. The race was won by Swede Rikkard Larrson, but the interesting bit was happening further back where Kev was having a great race until he fell losing several places. He still managed a good result and beat Ed Jones and Si Wakely to the line.

The next E1 race was won by Pedro Tragter from The Netherlands, but the Brits were all eyes on the battle for third developing between Chris Hockey and Dylan Jones. Chris slowly hauled in DJ to take third, he hasn’t stopped smiling all afternoon (told you he was a superstar!).
Peter After MotoXFinally Peter was in the third heat and had a sensible race, after a careful start he picked up a few places on every lap to finish 67th in class today. The E2 final contained Paul Edmondson and Stefan
Merriman and created a lot of interest.
Paul had a fantastic start and was in the lead from a holeshot start though he was outpaced by Samuli Aro and Kurt Casselli, finishing in third with Salonen fourth, Merriman who had a slow start
pulled up to finish fifth.

Next up in E2 was Dylan Jones in second place for much of his race finally slipping back as the hot pace never relented, the winner was Dubec from France after a massive battle with Wassink from the Netherlands. E2 race 3 contained Kelly Patterson who put in a steady performance, as did James Yearley in the following and last E2 heat.

The race that everybody had come to see was up next. The E3 Final with David Knight.
David NightKnight. David was first to choose his start position and chose the outside line. Though he was beaten to the first corner he was in the lead within half a lap, something that was never to change. Klutz from Belgium was runner up and Kuklik from The Czech Republic third. The outcome of this race was never in question and showed just how dominant David is at the moment. This sealed his overall win to the event. A mini track invasion took place around the finish and David reveled in it, spraying a bottle of Champagne which appeared from Dusty Millers rucksack. The paparazzi were all over him and it was a fantastic moment. Just for a second it was impossible to hear the Italians overall victory was now secure finally stealing the limelight.

The next E3 race passed by and we awaited Rob’s arrival at the line. He had a mediocre start after being filled in but he soon found his pace and settled down. In fact he was flying over the
jumps and only after one jump too far did he back off and calm down a little to finish a creditable 50 in class. Both the lads had been delighted to finish and agreed it was an extremely hard six days, in fact in Robs words it was F**king Great and Peter reckoned it was The Bo**ocks.

Last word must go to Lawrence who put in a determined ride until he was taken out by injury. However leg in plaster he sat trackside all day to watch the action that he should have been part of. Tough Luck but that is racing.

Yours in Sport
Geoff J Grimes

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