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Written by Geoff Grimes   
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Geoff Grimes

Geoff J Grimes


E-m@iled as it was happening
from Geoff Grimes.


Well things are all going roughly to plan as the bikes are safely in park ferme in town for today’s parade back to the start area. The riders have all seen the tests now after a couple of days driving around the Kielce region and getting acquainted. I didn’t say Walk as all the tests, be Enduro or Moto X are the same. All set in fields and posted and taped on fairly flat grass or stubble. We believe these will cut up quite badly and become very rough. They are however reasonably long and the consensus is that they will be five or six minutes long. After the last test the riders took a lazy lunch in a roadside pizzeria and basked in the sunshine. Last nights opening ceremony went with a bang, quite literally with spectacular fireworks closing the evening. The team were enjoying a beer or two at a bar overlooking the amphitheatre where the ceremony was held as, like most competitors, they didn’t fancy sitting through the rock concert after being presented by the FIM and Kielce representatives. The evening was fun and enjoyed by all and I think especially by Murray. The only people not present were Bernard and Dave Kav. As Dave just arrived from his epic journey and was too tired to attend, Bernard stayed at the hotel to show him the ropes.
The weather is still sunny and dry and no sign of the forecast rain, this may well cause problems as it looks certain to be dusty. Tonight will be an early one after the parade back to the start area, providing of course there are no problems. The hotel is working out fine and sharing with Chris Hockey’s Team England is also working out very well, the girls particularly like the garden and sun loungers, a Brasilian feel indeed!
That’s about all I can think of for now.

Meet the Witley ISDE Poland Enduro Team(s) Members...
The Witley Team
Left to Right: Lawrence Catt, Paul Jay, Simon Beken,
Murray Humphries, Rob Carey & Peter Batt.




The long awaited start day finally arrived for our riders and it was the turn of Lawrence Catt to go first, followed one minute later by Paul Jay and several minutes later by a nervous Murray Humphries.

The way the classes are set out means that these three riders who are riding in the E1 class go soon after the Trophy and Vase teams. In fact Lawrence is on a hot line through the tests being the first club rider away! After what seemed like an age (over an hour) it was the turn of Messer’s Rob Carey, Peter Batt and Simon Beken who were all separated by a few

Departure for all riders went smoothly, with a couple of notable exceptions. Firstly and fortunately Darryl Peach (our esteemed team manager) spotted that the time cards being given to our riders, by Dave May Miller had a few errors, thankfully this was rectified before any problems arose. Slightly more worryingly was the misfortune of Peter Batt who, whilst adjusting his shock, managed to crack the nut holding everything together. In an untypical Pete fluster, things were held together with a cable tie, which lasted until a jubilee clip was later fitted.

With all riders departed we waited for results to filter through and it sounded like Lawrence was having a good day. Although his test times were indeed very good, he had managed to get lost and lose a minute on the going. Later he also became flustered and checked in 6 minutes early at the penultimate check. He described the day to me as Bumptastic, saying the going was very similar to the Natterjack.

PJ had a few problems in a test and blew a fork seal and aggravated an old knee injury which was to slow his subsequent tests somewhat. Murray had a blinding day, not only staying on time all the way with no significant dramas, but also managing to post times in the tests which has him leading all three of these riders in their class result thus far. A sterling effort!
< Relaxing before the pressure’s of an ISDE with a nice friendly game of frisby….


Nice style Lawrence... >
Come On

< Relax Lawrence.., it’s only a game of frisby..And No, I don’t know where the frisby is…?
Bike Prep

Best we get the bikes ready... >
PJ's Bike

< PJ’s Honda, and his one? spare tyre for six days…

Rob had a trouble free day but was Chilling just a little too much in the tests to set anything alight but was happy to beat his team mates Simon and Batty home. Batty as mentioned had his shock to look after and so Simon was surprised to be slower at the tests, however Batty is a seasoned veteran and experience always shows. Simon had a thoroughly enjoyable day and is loving his big 525 KTM to bits, in my opinion he enjoyed the days riding more than the rest.

The end of day work time of 15 minutes was used wisely by all riders. Lawrence checked his bike all over and was happy to accept fuel (after not being able to return to the last fuel stop after riding through the check early). As all riders he changed a filter as well. PJ Also had the front fork off his machine and fitted a makeshift one to push into park ferme for the night. Murray came into the pits determined to complete his first day in an n ISDE with a rear tyre change which was completed trouble free. Rob had a very relaxed stop as did Simon who checked their bikes and were happy. Peter had a few problems when he took his rear shock off to make a repair and found it to be more difficult than first planned. Thus the bike was fitted a piece of wood and ridden in like this and the shock later serviced to be refitted the following morning.

That’s basically it so far except to say the biggest problem is the dust, so lots of filters are required and riders are busy changing filter skins at checks. Also this gives rise to obvious visibility problems, great care needs to be taken when riding blind in the woods. The feeling was that the course is approximately 20 percent roadwork and the rest woodland.

Day 2 is the same as day 1, so it should all be about test times as the weather also looks to be the same. More later...


I just caught up with the team results for day one, as follows; Witley B (Peter Batt, Paul Jay and Murray Humphries) in 47th position. Witley A Lawrence Catt, Rob Carey and Simon Beken) in 51st. These are all provisional results and it is still very early days, so to early for any predictions.

The day dawned again with an abundance of sunshine and it looks like another hot and dusty day for the riders.

All the Witley riders got over their dramas to make the start line on time, so just a few routine jobs for most with Paul refitting his repaired fork leg successfully, and Peter refitting his now factory tuned shock!

The riders all made their first laps on time but latest reports are as follows.
Lawrence was happy and a little more composed with the timekeeping and enjoying the now very bumpy tests. PJ a little flustered and suffering a handlebar problem which he was busy rectifying at the end of the first lap. Murray has a problem with front wheel bearings and hopes to replace those in tonight’s end of day check, he also seemed fairly tired. Rob came through saying he was tired but still showing no sign of any problems, I suspect he’s not looking forward to his tyre changing tonight. Simon had a big off, in his own words, and put a huge dent in his rear wheel rim, he was aching but has no injury as such, more dented pride I suspect at making an elementary error.

Finally Peter Batt came through in fine shape, no complaints or problems to report. I'll just try and fill you in on Kelly Patterson who has an individual entry into the event. As you probably Know Kelly rode with Witley last year, but is riding in this way after failing to get a New Zealand team together. His first day was a reasonable one, on time but he was hoping for better test results, however he had carb problems and pushed his bike into the check last night. During this mornings work check he had his carb of and lost a part and ran back after the start to collect it. He successfully fixed it but again had his bike in pieces at the end of lap one. It’s hard enough out there without problems like this to deal with. Finger crossed for the rest of his week. The team we are sharing our accommodation with, Chris Hockey’s team England all had a good day on time, with young James Yearley, revelling in his new KTM, supplied 2 days before the start by KTM (and paid for by his sponsor) after the demise of his now defunct Gas Gas. The other rider, the ever amusing Chris Whitehouse, has alas now I believe gone out due to mechanical problems. I don’t know if this is terminal or whether he maybe able to restart tomorrow (Enabling him to ride on, but without the chance of an award.

Both David Knight and Paul Edmondson were both third overnight in their respective classes, however the star of the day must have been British Junior rider Darryl Bolter who managed to win a Test outright, taking some 8 seconds out of Fast Eddy....Now that’s impressive!

Now to update on the rest of the day, Lawrence came to the end of the day with a disintegrated mousse and slipped a new tyre and mousse on in its place, he’d also lost his handguards whilst riding and lost a minute removing them on the going, but got in with no further penalties, he’s still leading all our boys around the tests much to his amusement.

PJ also managed a tyre change and lost no time. Murray is now tiring quite a lot but is pushing hard and managed to sort his wheel problem on the going, it always helps to tighten the wheel spindle!
Team training

< A bit of training before we start..
Batty Training

Back end of “Batty”... >
PJ Training

Bikes Seecured

Bikes nice and secured...>
Tyre Change

Darryl and Pete

Team Manager, Darryl Peach, with Kelly Patterson hidingbehind “Batty” with Salli & John Martin on the right.. >

Uncharacteristically the big bangers class was far more hectic in the pits, with Rob also changing a broken up mousse and sadly dropping 7 minutes after not being able to replace an oil drain bolt after he chose to change his oil. Batty arrived in 3rd gear as he had lost his gear lever on the course, so dropped his bike onto its side to drill out the gear shaft and enable him to refit a lever in the morning. Hence no other jobs for him to do, he stayed clean on time. Simon also changed a rear tyre, his mousse was not in such bad shape, but he took a long to refit his rear wheel as he did to change the tyre, things seemed to be a little out of line after his earlier off. He made his day on time.

It was an extremely hot day today, the course was hard and bumpy and all the riders are being pushed hard, with the exception of Peter Batt who seemed to enjoy his day more than most. Lawrence actually said he was looking forward to more road work if possible, if for nothing more than a rest. All the lads are in good spirits and the team results are Witley B (PJ, Muzzy & Batt) 36th and and Witley MCC (Rob, Simon and Lawrence) 46th. Day 3 is forecast rain....


As predicted today dawned to a light drizzle with an overcast sky. A welcome relief from yesterday’s heat. All the riders got through their 10 minute work time ok and with no significant problems, only Lawrence not managing to refit his handguards. Today will be interesting due to the weather change and the fact that it is an entirely new course. With 3 new tests each to be completed twice. In actual fact they looked much the same as the previous 2 days tests, but will be fresh and wet, however I’m sure after the first lap, they will chop up and become very similar. In fact as I write this I’m looking over my shoulder at a screen of photographers pictures and I see the obscure sight of the crowd holding umbrellas to keep the rain off but huge clouds of dust being kicked up by the rear wheels. Still it should be less dusty than yesterday. So far we’ve washed over 40 air filters!

All the riders passed through the midday check with no reported problems. The damp going seemed to be to most peoples liking and the course sounded less tiring than yesterday’s hard track. Murray was even composed enough to change his engine oil in this short rest time at the check. Rob was smiling gleefully and Batty still fiddling with a few spanners, but chilled and composed.

The rain slowed to the odd spot and has not caused any major hold ups, that I’ve heard about as yet. All Our riders managed to get through day again and faired well at their various tasks. PJ, Lawrence, Rob and Batty all fitted new rear tyres whilst Murray and Simon did fronts.

It seemed to be a fun day enjoyed by all with the exception of Simon who is
fatiguing badly, thankfully his spirit is strong and with some rehydration and rest he’ll be back out there tomorrow.

The Teams are now standing 34 (B) & 35 (A), which is a fantastic position to be in. The Lads are all giving it their best effort and there is a great morale in the camp.

Sadly, today was marred by the death of a German trophy team rider and I believe another Incident involving an outrider from Holland who was killed in a road accident. Everybody is deeply moved by such tragic news, especially in the light of Matt’s sad death in last year’s competition.


Day 4 has dawned with an overcast sky and it looks like the forecast rain has now passed, maybe this is not to the riders liking, but I for one will look forward to a dry day.

The morning work time passed uneventfully and I reckon that well be pretty polished in the pits by the end of this. No reported problems with bikes or riders, so with the same course as yesterday, it looks like a relatively straightforward day is in store.

I’ve just returned from cheering our boys around one of the tests, a fairly typical field with a dirty great rut at the start, some tight turns and some swooping bends. Watching the Trophy teams is an indescribable experience, the speed and control is phenomenal. David Knight posted the fastest overall time, if we re not quite there at the front in Witley, at least a few Brits can kick a bit of arse!

Our lads all fared well, and might I say Lawrence is on fire, I believe he is riding as well any club rider. All the others were around neat and tidily except Simon who dropped it near the end, probably due to a little tiredness. In fact today he is feeling much better than yesterday, as we made sure he rested and rehydrated well overnight. Murray is still putting in a fantastic effort and barring any serious problems, hell be there to the end Rob, Lawrence and Pete are pretty steady and no cause for concern, only PJ has cause for concern over a previous knee injury, which seems to be getting worse as the week goes on.

Team Pose
< Brits abroad..

Nations Flags


How many flags..>
Trade Support
Trade support..>

KTM Support


Signing On

Right just sign here..>

< and follow these arrows for six days..

The final Moto X is still a long way off, but I can’t wait for it to come around. After being at the test today for the first time this week, I remembered how much fun this sport really is, it just sometimes seems like hard work, pain and a lot of hassle.

The 15 minute work time at the end of the day is now running like clockwork, Darryl has got it all under control, well if he hasn’t, he sure as hell knows enough people who can soon put it right. After the tyre routine tonight we had a pile of mousses used once or twice, which were beyond reuse. Within minutes they were returned to Wolfgang at Pirelli, who replaced them with no questions asked, now that’s the sort of contacts we need. Again the boys did us proud, and our team standings are now A 28th and the Bs 32nd, with individuals for the day as follows; Class E1 95th Lawrence Catt (still on fire, though yesterdays amended results showed that Murray beat Lol by one place....) 100th Murray and 104 PJ. Class E3 51st Pete Batt, 61st Rob Scarey and 64th Simon Beken.

As I have had a chance to chat with the lads now I can try and put this all in to some sort of perspective for you. Everybody obviously wants to finish and get to the end, just some of the riders manage it in a different style. Firstly Murray (who probably won’t ever do this again) is so focused and fit is realising that this is a relatively "easy" task if you just keep going and doing your best. The fitness just carries him through those tests and it shows in the results, he said today that he’s not even sweating! Lawrence is just taking it all in his stride, now he’s settled down, he says the going is like a trail ride and of course when he arrives at the tests he has all the hot lines of the Trophy teams to follow. PJ seems cool most of the time, but is bothered by his knee and the set up of his bike, now in my opinion he is the first of the smokers in the team...Batty, well I couldn’t possibly try and describe the guy on a bike, he is just so unphased by everything and believe me he’s had more problems than the others put together, still he just rides his bike and lets the results do the talking.

Now Rob is the second smoker in the team, this may not be a contributory factor, but he’s not flying round the tests like expected. He also says the going is a little uninteresting and I think the tests are just too samey for him to try real hard, he admitted to me that after the tests in the Czech Republic six days, he was "hanging”, but here it’s not quite the same.

Finally to Simon, He came through today, after looking shocking last night, with a broad grin on his face and having enjoyed the ride. Personally I think He’s just so tired from riding that huge 525, that its wearing him down, but still he loves that bike, he was even cursing having to damage his rims whilst tyre changing during his work break. If you could see the dent in that rim from earlier in the week, you’d wonder why he’s even concerned! Sorry if some of this gets a little disjointed, but I’m having to play catch up everyday and actually write in fits and starts, between the morning work time, riders lunch check, evening Work time and any spare minutes I can find to get to the Press centre. I’m now of to write tomorrow’s report which is actually today, confused? So am I!

Day 5

Day 5 is bright and sunny, actually cold first thing, but that’s fine. We’ve had an early start today, as all the times have been "pushed forward” due to competitors dropping out. Mainly due to the German teams who have decided to pull out of the event as a mark of respect to their rider who died earlier in the week.

This means we’ve all been a little rushed today, but have again managed to get the riders away on their respective minutes. The day will probably be a little harder than yesterday, but if the riders get through this one, then Tomorrow should be a breeze!

After the midday check all the riders were clean on time. Today’s real cause for concern is Batty, who was up all night after throwing up his dinner shortly after bedtime. He is suffering from either a bug or dehydration, however if he can just finish the lap today I’m sure he’ll get through day six and the final Moto x test.

Darryl was out on the tests today to do a bit of cheering and reports that things were looking good, and like me yesterday was enthusiastic about the pace of the trophy team riders.

Just aside from our team for a moment, the British team manager has today left the event. After apparently trying to find the stolen bike of Wayne Braybrooks outrider, he received death threats from a mafia style gang whom he’d managed to infiltrate. This frightened him so much he insisted on an escort back to the hotel. He then reported that after visiting Tesco’s in the town centre (don’t ask me why), he was surrounded by 3 vehicles in the car park but managed to flee the situation. The incident was reported to the police, he returned to the hotel and early this morning was given a police escort to Warsaw where he took a flight home. In the Words of Ted Bartlett (British FIM delegate) "This all seems a little like James Bond!” Well, don’t ask me what’s been going on, but it seems there’s a vacancy for a British Team manager, anybody interested?

The results for day 5 were as follows;
Club Teams 9th Wales A,16th Wales B, 24th RPM, 27th Witley B, 29th SCEC, 30th Witley A and 43rd Team England. As you can see that’s not a bad effort.

In E1 class today the top British rider was 10th, Darryl Bolter then, our lads were, 93rd Lawrence, 99th Muzza and 100th PJ (these are daily results, and when added to the final test will give the overall result).

In E3 Class 1st Samuli Aro, 2nd Ivan Cervantes, and 3rd David Knight, 47th Scarey, 54th Simon Beken and 58th Batty (who dropped a minute on the going due to feeling rough)

British team had a little bad luck today when Paul Edmondson dropped 3 mins due to not being able to start his bike and resulting in pushing all the way from the final check and work area to the park ferme.

E2 Class, 1st Stefan Merriman, 2nd Salminen, 28th Edward Jones and 29th Kevin Murray (Army). All Witley riders finished today. The only tyre change was a rear by Muzza (Again) I think he enjoys it really! The only real concern was still Batty who was absolutely hanging, I didn’t think it was possible to ride all day in the condition he must have been in, but he made it. All the rest of the lads had a good ride and were in good spirits realising that the end is now definitely in sight. Just a short 80 km ride and the final test, the Moto X to complete.

Day 6

All the Witley riders finished yesterday and have completed the event. Sadly the final Moto x was a fiasco and caused many problems for the organisers and riders, however Lawrence, PJ and Muzz completed their races. Unfortunately the other lads did not have the chance to race and were a little miffed to say the least. There may be a problem with the awards as the day was not complete but the lads all finished what was possible. In my opinion the MX will be cancelled and play no part in the results. Sorry but no results are available right now and I’m being ushered from the closing press office, so I’ll try and fill you all in with details later, if I don’t get the chance, I’ll sign off and say I hope you’ve enjoyed my diatribe. It’s been a hell of a week out here for all concerned and I for one have enjoyed every minute of it, from moussing Lube to adjectives.

See you all soon, and looking forward to seeing those medals.

Post Event

As I Didn’t quite get time to finish the last report, I’ll try again and add a bit of post event news to it.

Day 6 was bright and sunny again, were quite used to the good weather here in Poland now, even if the riders like it wet, its certainly more pleasant for all others when the sun shines.

Today we had a bit of a rush to get to the start as the rider order changes on day 6. Actually I was up past midnight last night trying to get the start times, whilst Darryl and all the riders were snoring away in the "Pimp Suite" (the name given to the rather celubrious dormitory room being shared by Darryl, Peter, Lawrence, Simon, Robert and myself, by Chris Hockey from Team England, our esteemed house mates. I myself however was resigned to sleeping in the cupboard due to an early alcohol induced snoring session!) Eventually I rang Dusty Miller, Manager of the British Army teams, (Our best ACU contact at the event), and learned that Lawrence was first away at the ungodly hour of about 0830, more like a Trophy rider start time.

The reasoning behind the time changes is to get all the riders into their start positions for the Moto X. I.e. E1 class, Moto x, race one, goes in descending order of overall class standings at three riders per minute. So Lawrence was off first followed by Muzza and Paul. The E3 "Big Boy" class were tail end Charlie’s, bringing up the rear as usual was Peter, Robert and Simon, However last British rider was the likeable Julian Crimp closing the "armchair”class.

The ride to the MX test seemingly caused little problems for our riders, though I believe the times were quite tight and any mistakes would have cost riders dearly, so a quick pace with no mistakes was called for. By the time I packed up the Pits with Darryl and Mike (Murray’s personal, paid!, pit helper, who was a godsend all week, moussing tyres and enthusing about going to next years event and even New Zealand the following year), we arrived unable to get in to the now re-established parc ferme, due to a new wrist band being issued and all windscreen stickers becoming invalid.After a little help from Ted Bartlett, UK FIM delegate, I received the relevant band from John Collins, our ACU representative and we were in. Though the British team support was already established and so was the work area.

Just a word about these people. They range from young to slightly older, are all enthusiastic about off road motorcycling, especially the ISDE and work entirely voluntarily only receiving basic payment to cover essential costs. These people are fundamental to our teams performances, be it The Trophy team of Messer’s Edmondson, Knight et al to the lowliest of the club teams. Who all equally rely on the efforts of these saintly people, who at times, under immense pressure provide hot drinks, cold drinks, food, bike fuel, goggle cleaning, pain relief, time card checking and more. I for one salute their efforts and on behalf of all riders appreciate their hard word and determination at helping all riders participating. (It certainly isn’t the way most people would spend their holidays).

Once in the parc ferme, riders again had a work time to fettle bikes and change tyres, none of our riders did so as it was known to be a sandy and dusty test, though I did witness David Knight renew his rear rubber inside five minutes without so much as a rush or a bead of sweat! The bikes were then placed in a holding area within a barn building and riders left the area to await their relevant start times.

The first away was E1 class race one, i.e. the hottest riders of the class, a fabulous race ensued with Marc German the eventual winner, though GB’s Darryl Bolter put in a fine performance to finish 10th. The second race was also a great one with Wales own Rowan Jones coming an incredible second (sorry I forget the eventual winner).

Race 3 had all our E1 class interest in it and was by now a dusty old affair. The pace was fast and the standard awesome, Lawrence was flying mid field and Muzza and Paul a little further back, but all were trying like hell to make up positions and make it to the finish. Incredibly both Paul and Muzza were caught by the leaders, who were flying but Lawrence managed to hold his position to the line, thereby having the dignity of the last man to finish the race unlapped. This is no mean feat in an ISDE class final MX race that runs for 20 minutes, I assure you!

The next races were the E2 class and were again great races with several British riders in each, but no Witley interest. So we were patient and enjoying the races, on a beautiful autumnal afternoon in Poland when things all changed.

We soon realised that things had gone wrong, when a few bikes appeared to do their sighting laps and then nothing. A while later the fire brigade arrived, with their big Thunderbirds style engine, sprinkling the track with a paltry amount of water, this took forever and many spectators started to leave. Then another flurry of riders on a sighting lap and then quiet.

As racing was apparently being held up we investigated the problems. Arriving at the riders holding area, where the scene was truly anarchic. The organisers were trying to get the riders to take their places for the race starts, the racers, who effectively rebelled, due to safety reasons (too much dust), were blocking other racers going to the line and so this crazy mob rule situation was developing into chaos. This was going on for ages with none of the riders wishing to go out to race and the organisers threatening to exclude all competitors who did not ride, and therefore effectively complete the final MX Test.

The situation came to a head when Juan Knight decided to ride a lap of the course. This enraged the Spanish Junior team, who had apparently been extremely vocal throughout. Juan Managed just two corners of the track before the Spanish team attacked him mob style on the track, putting a track post through his front wheel and beating him with another. He immediately returned to the holding area uninjured. Though this had been the final straw and all attempts to race were now abandoned. There were still some ugly scenes for the riders who had to collect bikes from the parc ferme, due to all the bike theft problems of the week, security was high, but not extremely effective, so riders were pushing and barging, trying to collect their machines before they were potentially stolen.

Our lads all got their bikes and returned to our accommodation (the aptly named Agroklub), where we sat around trying to make sense of what had really happened. Sadly for Peter, Robert and Especially Simon his first ISDE, which took its toll on him more than the others), there was great disappointment at not completing the event, proper.

There is still also a chance that only the E1 class will receive medals, as correct finishers. Though this would be wholly unfair on all the other riders, and I’m sure this will be sorted by the FIM delegates form all the countries being affected.

The Spanish Junior team were all excluded as a result of their actions, a crazy situation cost them victory in the Junior World Trophy.

The Final results stands as:
World Trophy, 1st Finland, 2nd Italy, 3rd France and Great Britain 5th (Paul Edmondson, David Knight, Wayne Braybrook, Chris Hay, Edward Jones And Juan Knight)

Junior Trophy, 1st Finland, 2nd Poland, 3rd Australia, 4th Great Britain (Darryl Bolter, Simon Wakely, Dylan Jones ones and Robert Jones)
Paul Jay Final Motox

No.230, Muzza flying..>
Lawrence Catt Final Motox

< No.200, Lawrence on fire..
Si Beken Final MotoX
Simon, in the thick of the chaos, trying to get his bike out to do the final MX test.. Gutted..>

Dave Kav


Purple Helmets

Wouldn't be an ISDE without the Purple Helmets.

British teams: 8th Wales A, 17th Wales B, 23rd RPM, 26th Witley B (Peter Batt, Murray Humphries and Paul Jay), 28th SCEC, 29th Witley MCC A (Simon Beken, Lawrence Catt and Robert Carey), 31st ARMY B, 34th West of England, 37th ARMY MCA, 39th Midland Enduro club, 41st Team England (James Yearley, Chris Whitehouse, Chris Hockey) 42nd Wales C, 49th TORC 111, 50th Manchester 17, 56th TORC 1, 63rd Northriding Enduro Club, 68 club teams were listed as finishing.

Individual Results Overall 1st, Stefan Merriman (Aus), 2nd Samuli Aro (FIN), 3rd David Knight (GBR)

E1 Class, 1st Bartosz, 93rd Murray Humphries (GBR Witley), 96th Lawrence Catt (GBR Witley), 103rd Paul Jay (GBR Witley)

E3 Class 1st Samuli Aro (FIN), 54th Peter Batt (GBR Witley), 55th Robert Carey (GBR Witley), 56th Simon Beken (GBR Witley)

Also all our 6 team riders are provisionally on Silver awards, bearing in mind the mx test problems and the fact that these are provisionals, We must all cross our fingers.

It can be seen that this result is clearly a fantastic one and probably the best ever achieved by Witley MCC in the ISDE. I for one would like to congratulate all the riders on their performance, it is many things to the riders, but for sure it is never easy.

Well done to you all.
Geoff Grimes
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