I.S.D.E New Zealand 2006
Written by Gordon Ayshford   

The sun shines on the Warriors Sent: Fri 10/11/2006 00:03

By Gordon Ayshford – Team manager for Witley Warriors http://www.witleymcc.org

After a long and tiring slog out to NZ the GB squad are all present and correct - back on their feet running - the rain and cloud that greeted them on arrival at Taupo on Thursday afternoon was burned off this morning (friday) by bright sunshine and in the crisp morning air the bikes were un-crated, riders signed-on and off for test rides on the Yamaha test track.

Next on the agenda is finding and walking all the special tests in the dramatic, alien volcanic terrain - complete with sulphur springs and steam rising out of the ground!

More reports as the preparations focus on the approach of the event start on Tuesday 14th.

Saturday 11th November. Report from the 2006 ISDE Lake Taupo New Zealand. Sent: Sat 11/11/2006 02:18

By Gordon Ayshford – Team manager for Witley Warriors

Status report on Witley Warriors

Witley riders Richard Alldred and Paul Jay are out walking special tests having completed their bike preparation yesterday, passed through technical inspection – the only hiccups to report were due to Richard’s bike reading high on the noise test, though the grumpy operator softened as he and his assistant who was driving the tachometer advised Richard to bring the revs up to the required value very slowly and during the re-test the bike passed OK. Next was when the technical officer came to apply the markings to the wheels, frame and engine - Richard’s bike already had markings from British rounds and the bike was rejected until they were removed (even though the paint was a different colour). While Dan Alldred was running back to the pits to get a blade to scrape the paint off with Ben Alldred produced the hotel room key from his pocket, an ideal tool that got Richard back into the scrutineering queue before Dan returned. Richard’s bike was then duly marked with the riders number and re-painted with a blob of orange(ish) paint in the necessary places for component identification. Paul’s bike sailed through as you would hope for a brand new machine on hire specifically built for this event. Daz Wilcock will submit his machine for technical inspection along with his army colleagues. Daz has a dual personality for this competition for while he is a fully fledged Witley Warrior he is also a warrior for the Queen and Country and is on duty so falls in with the army drill when required.

A wider view

Prior to scrutineering the riders have all been out on the practice track which Daz described as emotional – apparently very rough - though Daryl Boulter was reported to be flying over the whoops like they weren’t there and digging up a bow-wave in the loose berms so it is a case of horses-for-courses. Ex- Witley Warrior Kelly Paterson who has been home in South Island NZ for about 10 months now and is riding this ISDE for the Christchurch Off-Road team on a Yamaha has offered a little inside information which suggests that the going will be fairly easy but the special tests will sort the men from the boys. Having walked one so far – which looked like rows of tape in a flat field but which had a few hidden surprises – having been marked out in a disused area of a pumice quarry there were two levels of going – one at the level you could see as you entered the field and one in the underworld - with severe drop-offs several metres high in places. If any rider forgets where these deceptive hazards are lurking he will find himself rounding a flat bend to discover that the slight rise was not a small jump to show-off your style on but a prelude to the world dropping away from under him – with no landing ramp just a flat hard rock bottom !

As the parc ferme fills with bikes so a hush descends over the whole pits area (the car park of a motor racing circuit) – a calm before a storm that will break out on Tuesday morning. First of the 681 riders will be away at 7.00a.m. with the 46 British riders starting at No 12 Jason Thomas in the junior trophy team and finishing at No605 Julian Crimp in the West of England team at10.21a.m. There are still a few to complete their machinery preparations but I believe the trophy teams have got their bikes in the parc ferme and the army are only waiting for a photo shoot before taking theirs in. There were no Army (BAFMA- British Armed Forces Motorcycling Association) lads around this morning so they may also be out walking the special tests.

GB Riders

14 Edward Jones world trophy,

30 Richard Hay world trophy,

61 Andrew Edwards world trophy,

66 Dylan Jones world trophy,

90 Daryl Boulter junior trophy,

120 Simon Wakely junior trophy,

146 Tom Sagar junior trophy,

149 Chris Hockey world trophy,

162 Euan McConnell world trophy,

215 Mark Gray WTRA,

222 Ashley Woods West of England,

227 Nick Bartle RAF,

228 Dylan Davies Dyfed,

244 Kevin Murray BAFMA,

250 David (Jack )Johns BAFMA,

285 James Yearley St Georges,

304 Tim Forman wales A,

311 Steve Hunt BAFMA,

313 Daz Wilcock Witley Warriors,

330 Rowan Jones Wales A,

374 Gary Clarke WTRA,

383 Jason Naruszewicz RAF,

398 Tom Knill West of England,

400 Robert Jones Wales A,

403 Andy Frost St Georges,

413 Ben Begbie I o Man,

419 Gethin Price Wales B,

425 Gavin Hockey St Georges,

428 Michael Seward Rydale,

445 Craig Bounds Wales B,

450 Lee Edmondson Rydale,

458 Nigel Beaumont I o Man,

459 Paul Kingston WTRA,

479 Tom Williams Dyfed,

496 Cefin Evans Dyfed,

501 Andy Walton I o Man,

508 Will Midgley N Riding,

513 Luke Lusher N Riding,

530 Oliver Moyce Rydale,

541 Paul Hearn RAF,

545 Richard Alldred Witley Warriors,

547 Paul Jay Witley Warriors

574 Jonathan Williams Wales B,

604 Mark Weaver N Riding,

605 Julian Crimp West of England

Sunday 12th November. Report from the 2006 ISDE Lake Taupo New Zealand. Sent: Sat 11/11/2006 23:03

By Gordon Ayshford – Team manager for Witley Warriors

All the GB bikes were in the parc ferme by close of business on Saturday. I saw the Isle of Man team manager for the first time this morning at the support crew meeting (there has been no sign of IoM at the GB service area and they have made their own travel and accommodation arrangements), he confirmed that the Gas Gas bikes that Andy Waltons’ crew were hiring for the event were all prepared at the Gas Gas pits - which is where they will be returning at the end of each day for the final service before entering the parc ferme each night. The Isle of man team have travelled light in terms of manpower with three riders and a team manager making up the compliment which has left the team manager with a task of recruiting from the supporters that have travelled out a recruit for out-check duties - the essential stake for buy-in to the combined GB support. The Purple helmets are due to arrive very soon so I am sure they will bring some colour and willing assistance to the IoM team! The RAF team have also been absent from the GB service area so far having used the house that they have rented as the venue for setting up the bikes. First-time team manager Martin Pickard, is taking the strain from rider Paul Hearn who has been responsible for all the background work towards the RAF presence this year and now needs to concentrate on his own event preparations. Martin also confirmed at the support crew meeting that Paul and his RAF team managed to start to relax a little at the pub last night having got the bikes into the parc ferme and got out to walk tests.

An unfortunate victim of the aggressive MX test track that I referred to in my last report (which I also believe is the venue for the final MX) has been Trophy Team rider Richard Hay who suffered a heavy fall while riding in his usual fully committed style. he spent the night in hospital under observation before being released as fully fit to ride (with an uncomfortable had due to a possible broken small bone). Richard Hay now only has to wait for an administrative query over his licence to be sorted – this has resulted in Ted Bartlett ringing Mary Kerr in Rugby to go into the office and produce a duplicate – if this doesn’t satisfy the administration demands than he will have to join an NZ club and get an NZ licence – we can be confident that with Ted Bartlett representing the Trophy team at the highest level this will be sorted out in time for Richard to Start.

There was a team managers meeting last night at which clerk of the course Sean Clarke explained the restrictions of NZ traffic laws – it is specifically illegal to spin your wheels on NZ roads, the penalty is impound of vehicle and licence for 28 days also speeding carries a similar penalty (though a member of the Wales support crew who shall remain nameless, admits that he got away with an on-the spot fine of $190) It is also a legal requirement for there to be a fire extinguisher carries on the bikes at all times when riding off road and for this event random checks will be made – after an initial telling off a second warning carries a $300 fine and third stage is exclusion. Lost extinguishers will have to be replaced at a cost of $50 or $70 depending on who you talk to. It is alse essential to ensure the rear number plate is in place at all times and any lost items are to be replaced before the rider can start the next day – this is to ensure that insurance is in place.

The Opening ceremony takes place this evening and we have to assembly at 4.30 for a 5.00 parade through town after which there will be a reception at the Shed Bar – the official watering hole of the ISDE. Tomorrow is a day-off so there may be no opportunity to mail a report from the media centre that I have gained access to thanks to an application made by Andrew Bartlett of the Enduro UK website on my behalf – thanks Andrew.

Monday 13th November. Report from the 2006 ISDE Lake Taupo New Zealand. Sent: Tue 14/11/2006 00:12

By Gordon Ayshford – Team manager for Witley Warriors http://www.witleymcc.org

The Opening Ceremony on Sunday 12th

The dark clouds that yesterday bullied their way into the sky over Taupo turning the lake to grey thankfully withdrew their threat as the 2006 ISDE opening ceremony swung into motion though the cold wind did not abate. As we drove towards the assembly point at Ferry road, in the centre of Taupo town’s harbour district, where the lake discharges waters fed to it from all the rivers and streams around its shoreline out to the Waikato river flowing north towards the Huka Falls, so there were individual streams of people converging to the opening of the ISDE. As the 5.00 start time for the parade through town approached the shapeless groups of ISDE participants, riders and support crews, crystallised around the national flags and identifying plaques that had been provided by the organisers. The procession passed through town, the streets lined by local residents and visitors to wave, cheer and photograph the parade that snaked its way to the grass area stretching out before the stage that had been set-up in front of Taupo Great Lakes Centre. The flags of each of the nations were arranged in a semi-circle facing the stage with their squads radiating out behind. There were a number of speeches from the Mayor, the president of Motorcycling NZ (Sandra Perry), the president of the FIM Jury (Marco Marcellino) and the Event Director and Clerk of the Course-the motive power behind the event, Sean Clarke. The planned parachute display had been cancelled due to the inclement weather conditions but we were formally welcomed to the Town of Taupo and to the event in true Maori style with a band of warriors performing a traditional welcoming ceremony.

During the course of the day I managed to speak to Richard Hay who assures me that he will be fit to start and that the organisers had finally accepted his event licence as valid.

The photographs I was able to take through the course of these events were in the style of fly-on-the-wall, ‘reality’ snapshots trying to capture the spirit of the day from the perspective of one that was involved, rather than the posed shots that the press observers from the outside world normally gather ( though I did ‘pirate’ some shots from beside/behind Jonty Edmunds to start with) – I hope they help to convey the warm spirit of the event on a bitterly cold day.

Tuesday 14th November. Report from the 2006 ISDE Lake Taupo New Zealand. Sent: Tue 14/11/2006 01:10

By Gordon Ayshford – Team manager for Witley Warriors http://www.witleymcc.org


A bright morning sun saw the Support crew members up and out before the riders in preparation for the start of the event that will hopefully bring the successful fruition of the all preparation, hard work and sacrifice made by every single person in Taupo for the 81st ISDE.

At 06.45 the first three riders were allowed into the parc ferme from the far end to walk past the regular ranks of machines to take theirs from the front row. At 06.50 they were released into the work area to prepare for a 07.00 start. The first of the GB squad Jason Thomas (No. 12) followed suit entering the parc ferme at 06.48 for his start time of 07.03. Each of the British riders arrived on time at the administration desk to collect their time schedule stickers for application to their blank time cards that had been issued at Technical inspection (Tomorrow and future cards will be pre-printed but day 1’s were issued blank) and then to proceed to the control desk at the far end of the parc ferme before being allowed in to the parc ferme to collect their bikes.

Daz Wilcock arrived with Steve Hunt to be greeted by myself at the time-card desk. I wished them well then moved into the work area to greet them again a few minutes later and guide them to the GB work area in a prime location that had been laid out before many teams had arrived to claim their territory.

All left the start ramp without too much drama. Richard suffered a small delay in getting to the start ramp because he was wearing a new helmet that had not been subject to technical inspection so he had to get the approved sticker applied before being waved straight through. He was the only starter on his minute (don’t know where the two NZ riders that should have been with him had gone – perhaps they knew how hard the event is going to be and wimped out ?). Paul had difficulty starting his brand new 2 stroke (kickstart) Husky. It had apparently been reluctant during the practice sessions. He was not alone with this problem so sitting out in the parc ferme for three days had obviously not done the bikes any favours. Paul was ushered off the start ramp to make room for the next group of three riders and may have suffered a penalty for this. Finally Paul’s bike burst into life in a cloud of smoke and he was off – just before I had been able to get to him to ask what help, if any he needed – I was suffering from the recurrent nightmare that still haunts from the starting problems Paul suffered in Italy – so long ago (1997) but as his bike crackled in to life an he powered away I was snapped back to the reality of today and the hopes that rest on our team shoulders for a good result as we set out on the first day of what promises to be a gruelling event. Earlier suggestions that the going may be “easy” were dispelled by Geraint Jones at the Pre-Ride briefing last night. A lot of the going is a soft light soil that resembles potting compost and is blown away by the first few bikes to create a rut that will slow all the riders down. A rut that will only get deeper – there being no solid bottom to find. Other areas are technical and slow 2nd or 3rd gear going and as soon as you have to start dabbing and sit down to get drive the momentum will be lost. There are some other checks that are firmer and may stand up better – but these checks are tighter on time. Some treacherous drop-offs have apparently been removed from some of the special tests due to protests by the pre-riders that they are dangerous. Other hazards that could be dangerous on the going have been carefully marked by the organisers and providing the rider keeps his wits about him and his eyes open they should not be in any danger. Geraint summed the event up a a tiring physical and technical enduro. Those who liked / coped with the Breckland and Natterjack should be OK. The trophy riders would not have too bad a time of it but the clubmen in the higher numbers may struggle. I am sure this thought was in the mind of Julian Crimp (605) the last British rider who was safely away this morning. Mind you the course in later days re-uses tracks that have been ridden in earlier days and there are special tests later in the week that have been part of the going in the earlier days so the Trophy boys will also have to tackle terrain that has been modified by the hundreds of bikes behind them.

ISDE END OF DAY 1 Report from the 2006 ISDE Lake Taupo New Zealand. Sent: Tue 14/11/2006 05:14

By Gordon Ayshford – Team manager for Witley Warriors http://www.witleymcc.org

The Witley Warriors are home safe and sound after a gruelling day. Richard was feeling a little under the weather this morning with the aftermath of a stomach upset during the night that kept him awake. He had no breakfast but started eating during the day at the checks. There is a special test that they do once on the outward journey and a second time on the return journey - he put in a faster time on the second run which is surprising as the course condition could not have been as good so it looks like he is on the way up. Paul Jay has not reported any issues so I can only report he has had an uneventful day - but I am sure I will glean something as time wears on for a future report. Daz Wilcock was strong and fast and at the end of the day demonstrated his fitness by putting on a good show of a rapid tyre change before sailing off to the final check with minutes to spare.

Dave Kavanagh was out on a check with Bob and Wendy room I spent nearly all day in the press room while Julie, Ben and Dan Alldred went into town with Paul Jay's girlfriend Louise Pritchard to buy some essential provisions. They returned to assist at the pre-finish check and to set out the tools / refuel etc in the work area before the final check.

A Good day was had by the Witley Warriors - Bring it on!

All the other British riders have made it home - as I left the pits Julian crimp was just finishing off a rear tyre change before rolling up the hill to the final check and the parc ferme. Having said all are in it has not been an easy ride for all. Jason Thomas (12) of the Junior Trophy team has injured his thumb I believe it is broken somewhere - so his future i the event may be in question. Richard Hay (30) is keeping a brave face though I am sure his injured hand must be causing some discomfort. Mark Gray (215) of the WTRA has houred out - I heard him telling someone he lost three quarters of an hour trying to start his bike - a rented Husky. Another WTRA rider (I'm not sure at the moment if it is Paul Kingston (459) or Gary Clarke (374)) lost about 20 minutes. Michael Seward (428) of Rydale lost a couple of minutes at a check just after a special test due to a split fuel pipe that needed repair (after he had lost all his fuel). Again this was a rented bike so I can see a worrying pattern emerging, Witley's Paul Jay (547) suffered a small penalty at this mornings start when his rented Husky was reluctant to start for a minute or so. Jay Naruszewicz of the RAF (383) has badly crushed a finger which caused him some distress after he had checked in and the adrenalin supply dried up. I am happy to say he was up and smiling by the time Julian Crimp (605) came in.

As the riders are ferried back to the safety and comfort of the Hotel the support crew stalwarts tidy up and prepare for the next day - Food for the riders and fuel for the bikes to bought on the way home, 2 Stroke mixed and all shared out between the support crew vans.

I will download pictures of action in the pits ( I don't get out to see any riding) this evening for posting tomorrow sometime ( when my Witley team manager duties permit)

Results from DAY 1

The world Trophy Teams:

1st France

2nd Finland

3 Spain

4 Australia

5 Italy

6 Sweden

7 NZ

8 Nethlands

9 Poland

10 GB

11 Slovakia

12 W Germany

13 Belgium

14 USA

15 Chile

16 Canada

17 Japan

18 Ireland

19 Mexico

20 Venezuela

21 Hungary

22 Greece



– there are 135 Club teams so I will list where the GB teams feature in the list


26 St Georges

27 Rydale

30 Wales B

37 WalesA

46 West of England

75 Witley Warriors

89 RAF

115 Dyfed

130 WTRA



1 Marc Germain (1) France

2 Juha Salminen(60) Finland

3 David Fetigne(11) France

GB Riders:

29 Edward Jones (14)

38 Andrew Edwards (61)

40 Dylan Jones (66)

51 Ashley Woods (222)

61 Kevin Murray (244)

68 Rowan Jones (330)

71 Jason Thomas (12)

81 Steve Hunt (311)

88 Richard Hay (30)

99 James Yearley (285)

110 Daz Wilcock (313)

122 David (Jack) Johns (250)

156 Tim Forman (304)

186 Nick Bartle (227)



1 Stefan Merriman (127) Australia

2 Samuli Aro (97) Finland

3 Johnny Aubert (119) France

GB Riders: (if I have missed any – sorry)

17 Simon Wakely (120)

23 Tom Sagar (146)

35 Daryl Bolter (90)

57 Chris Hockey (149)

83 Robert Jones (400)

85 Oliver Moyce ( 530)

87 Lee Edmondson (450)

92 Andy Frost (403)

109 Craig Bounds (445)

113 Will Midgley (508)

120 Gavin Hockey (425)

122 Tom KNill (398)

131 Gethin Price (419)

156 Luke Lusher (513)

174 Andy Walton (501)

179 Ben Begbie (413)

181 Michael Seward (428)

Wednesday 15th November. Report from the 2006 ISDE Lake Taupo New Zealand. Sent:Wed 15/11/2006 00:18

By Gordon Ayshford – Team manager for Witley Warriors http://www.witleymcc.org

START OF DAY 2- Results DAY 1 -

The heavy rain through the night (30mm Apparently) was heavy and gave some of us a bit of a shock when we woke just before dawn for our 5.30 a.m. breakfast date. The rain had thankfully thinned out by the time we reached the pac ferme but there was a lot of standing water. The GB morning work area was set up on some higher ground this morning on smooth tarmac (as opposed to the gravely margin of tarmac we had been on yesterday. This was a far more appropriate setting for the work to be carried out on the bikes and promise better drainage. The GOOD NEWS is that ALL BRITISH RIDERS STARTED DAY 2.

Daz Wilcock was first of the Witley riders to the parc ferme – his E1 class start time of 8.44 bring more than an hour ahead of the E2 class start times of Richard Alldred at 10.01 and Paul Jay 10.02. Daz was looking forward (?) to an interesting (?) day, well he didn’t say he was looking forward to it he was quite quiet about it after yesterday’s session. Paul Jay had fallen a number of times on special tests yesterday – getting used to the hired bike that had a power delivery and handling more like a motocross bike than he was used to and coping with terrain and surface conditions that were also very different from those we see in Europe was giving him a tall order to cope with. Richard Alldred had thankfully flushed the stomach bug out of his system (I will not repeat his descriptions) and was looking bright and chirpy (if that is the right term for a big bird) – he was eating again and feeling good – Julie and I both warned him not to feel too confident and told him to take heed of the strange road safety signs they have at the road side here about losing confidence and staying alive ( they also have one-“ warning over confident driver ahead!”). Dave had commented how Richard seemed a little under the weather yesterday and I am sure he will see a difference today!

I also hope that the light powerful bike that Paul is riding may help him through what promises to be some difficult conditions and that if the conditions slow him down a little he manages to stay on!

Jason Thomas (12) of the junior trophy team had his broken thumb taped up and accepted responsibility for his own brave decision to ride (his thumb may well need some remedial surgery when he returns to GB), Mark Gray (215) WTRA who had houred-out yesterday due to mechanical problems (4 stroke Husky refusing to start at a check) had got his bike running by the end of the day and returned it to the parc ferme so he could set off for day 2 with high hopes. The RAF’s Paul Hearn had injured his arm with a heavy graze that has removed a significant area of skin - from falling on the going (due to contact with another rider he claims) this kept him awake for much of the night due to the pain and the fact it kept bleeding and team-mate Jay Naruscewicz (383) smashed finger turned out to be a broken nail and he was fit to start. This has only served to reinforce the Army crew’s opinion of the RAF. With the wet conditions Day 2 is also running on B schedule as did day one but with the organisers planning to compress the start times to fill the gaps due to withdrawls on Day 3 one can imagine they are anticipating day 2 will create a number of gaps! In Geraint’s briefing on Monday he had warned the riders that on TC2 there was a lot of soft going that WOULD cut up badly and which would be tricky for club riders also that TC3 included a number of potentially dangerous water washouts that were thankfully well marked and that the riders were to keep their eyes open. To add to this he warned that TC6 consisted of tight technical riding that was very tiring. With this to look forward to it is good that the sky was clearing as the riders set-off and by the time the club teams were dispatched there was sun breaking through with just a few light showers to cope with – mind you the tops of the hills were still shrouded in cloud.

Wednesday 15th November. Report from the 2006 ISDE Lake Taupo New Zealand. Sent: Wed 15/11/2006 06:12

By Gordon Ayshford – Team manager for Witley Warriors http://www.witleymcc.org

DAY 2 Finish

As had been suggested today’s route and schedule was a test of skill and stamina. There have been many club riders losing time – some in big chunks – and there will probably be a number of retired riders that will not be back in the parc ferme tonight. Against this backdrop the GB contingent have not fared too badly. I believe all the World Trophy and Junior Trophy riders were clean all day –Jason Thomas (12) and his injured hand went off for a massage straight after he finished and when he emerged he claimed that the masseuse had made him cry being so rough but the end result had made him feel better (its nice when it stops ?) and Richard Hay was going well on the special test (near the start / finish) that I managed to get to so his hand must be feeling better. WTRA club rider Mark Gray (215) must be going for the unluckiest rider of the event award – getting back in the saddle this morning after his exclusion from yesterday’s results having houred-out he fell today and has broken his collar bone. Fellow WTRA member Paul Kingston (469)has also had to withdraw due to a leg injury (though I don’t think he has broken any bones). Nick Bartle of the RAF lost 36 minutes (and was happy that it was less than 60!) the other two RAF riders were also in late but I do not have any times – Jason Naruszewicz’s finger must be ok. Julian Crimp and Mark Weaver had not returned after I left the pits having seen Paul Jay and Richard Alldred safely through. Paul had carried the 8 late minutes that he had picked up on an early check when he got stuck in a rut and it had taken two to pull it out. Richard was about 15 minutes late but still had enough in reserve to change front and rear tyres – leaving filter and other minor checks until tomorrow morning. As I said above I managed to get out and see some action as the fast boys came through the final special test – before I left to attend to pits duties.

Results from DAY 2

Top 10 World Trophy Teams:

1 Finland

2 France

3 Spain

4 Sweden

5 Italy

6 Australia

7 NZ

8 GB

9 Slovakia

10 USA

Top 10 JuniorTrophy Teams:


2 France

3 Germany

4 Australia

5 Finland

6 Italy

7 GB

8 Netherlands

9 Spain

10 NZ


10 Wales A


15 Wales B

16 St Georges

25 Rydale

35 N. Riding

43 IoMan

48 West of England

62 Witley Warriors

89 RAF

122 Dyfed

131 WTRA


1 Juha Salminen(60) Finland

2 Simone Albergone(23) Italy

3 Marc Germain (1) France

GB Riders:

27 Edward Jones (14)

37 Jason Thomas (12)

44 Dylan Jones (66)

45 Andrew Edwards (61)

47 Kevin Murray (244)

50 Ashley Woods (222)

58 Steve Hunt (311)

59 Rowan Jones (330)

75 Tim Forman (304)

93 Daz Wilcock (313)

96 James Yearley (285)

106 David (Jack) Johns (250)

108 Richard Hay (30)

179 Nick Bartle (227)

180 Dylan Davies (228)


1 Kurt Casselli (109) USA

2 Samuli Aro (97) Finland

3 Mika Ahola (151) Finland

GB Riders:

25 Tom Sagar (146)

31 Simon Wakely (120)

44 Daryl Bolter (90)

52 Robert Jones (400)

54 Chris Hockey (149)

57 Luke Lusher (513)

58 Andy Frost (403)

73 Oliver Moyce ( 530)

88 Lee Edmondson (450)

92 Craig Bounds (445)

99 Gethin Price (419)

111 Will Midgley (508)

122 Ben Begbie (413)

127 Tom KNill (398)

129 Gavin Hockey (425)

137 Andy Walton (501)

153 Michael Seward (428)

176 Nigel Beaumont (458)

177 Paul Jay (547)

205 Paul Hearn (541)

209 Jason Naruszewicz (383)

211 Richard Alldred (545)


1 Fabien Planet (198) france

2 Marko Tarkkala (167) Finland

3 Cristobal Guerrero (175) Spain

GB Riders:

10 Euan McConnell (162)

52 Jonathon Williams (574)

75 Mark Weaver (604)

96 Julian Crimp (605)

Start of Day 3

The Mood in the work area seemed a little subdues this morning under the grey, low cloud which again shrouded the tops of the hills on Thursday Morning a he start of Day 3. The start list times had been compressed to eliminate the gaps that had appeared from the retirements and exclusions from the previous two gruelling days. The knowledge that day 3 was a repeat of the previous day will have done nothing to inspire any of the riders (trophy included) but at least it was dry and the organisers had announced that the route had been altered where necessary to eliminate the worst of the ruts; oh, and it was on schedule B again. Once the work started it did however become obvious that what I had interpreted as subdued was in fact “Focus”. Al the riders and there immediate support knew the work that had to be done on the bike and that they only had 10 minute in which to do it. Thankfully the weather was dry but it was threatening to rain at any time but this was truly the only cloud hanging over team GB everyone was ready to set out for a good result today.

The only Disappointment is that after a good day yesterday Jason Thomas has been cut from the Junior trophy team today. There was an issue with his accident and repatriation insurance being invalid now that he had suffered an injury that could affect his ability to ride. This Left Ted Bartlett with no alternative but to pull the plug. As far as I am aware apart from the injuries that I have previously referred to all other GB riders started Day 3 though Cefin Evans (496) was shown as an exclusion on the results I am not sure if he has been allowed to re-start as his team mate from Dyfed Tom Williams (479) has. I will check and report back later.

In a number of other team’s work areas riders were busy changing tyres, repairing exhausts etc – some relatively major work that they had obviously been unable to complete the day before. The most significant item undertaken in the GB work area that I am aware of was Chris Hockey’s fuel tank. The aluminium item fitted to the bike seemed to have developed a crack because fuel was seeping out close to the fuel tap somewhere. Chris quickly removed the tank and replaced it with a plastic tank that appeared from somewhere. All other work was generally checking/ adjusting tension and lubricating chains, changing air filters etc..

Shortly after all the riders were away the heavens opened and the threatened rain was delivered though there are patches in the clouds and a few bright intervals have since shown themselves.


what did I say this morning ? "Shortly after all the riders were away the heavens opened and the threatened rain was delivered though there are patches in the clouds and a few bright intervals have since shown themselves". These bright intervals were short lived and the rain had taken its toll and by the end of the day it was pouring down again. Lee Edmondson (450) lost his bike up to the saddle in water as the bridge that I am told looked like a temporary bridge for the event, collapsed. All the following riders were diverted and lost a lot of time to the next check which, after having been a ghost town since the rider before lee passed though was suddenly inundated. The riders then crowded to the next special test at the start of a tight check and due to difficulties experience in marshalling these through the test a huge number of riders lost big chunks of time on the next check. Lee has got his bike running and at one and a quarter hours late is still going to finish and put the bike in the parc ferme along with every other rider after him in the belief / hope that these checks will be cut from the results - this chaos has led to any reference to time lost as academic. We can only wait until tomorrow when the news from the jury meeting that Ted Bartlett is going to at 9.30 p.m. and which will go on to the early hours, is over. On the positive side I don't believe there have been any injuries in the GB squad though my earlier report that Witley's Richard Alldred was back up to strength was premature - his appetite has deserted him again and he has been suffering - running on adrenaline and nerves rather than muscle and balance.
Behind all this in the GB pits - Ted Bartlett was reported to comment that Jason Thomas' father has told him the decision to cut Jason due to the insurance issue was the right one in light of the severity of Jasons injuries, despite his previous bravado that they had other insurance and Jason could ride if he felt up to it. As I had suspected Cefin Evans (496) had not been allowed to re-start -his team mate from Dyfed Tom Williams (479) was allowed by the Jury because his time loss was due to him stopping to help a german girl rider which she confirmed - I wonder which of them feels the lucky one now ?!

Results from DAY 3

Top 10 World Trophy Teams: (yesterday’s position in brackets) + Time behind leader
1 Finland 0:00.00
2 France 6:19.31
3 Spain 11:27.80
4 (6) Australia 12:49.60
5 (4) Sweden 13:49.30
6 (5) Italy 13:52.40
7 NZ 19:17.90
8 GB 35:06.80
9 Slovakia 35:16.20
10 USA 38:34.10
Top 10 JuniorTrophy Teams: (yesterday’s position in brackets) + Time behind leader
1 USA 0:00.0
2 France 3:32.32
3 (4) Australia 4:16.24
4 (3) Germany 6:26.26
5 (6) Italy 6:54.53
6 (5) Finland 7:10.74
7 GB 8:52.70
8 Netherlands 11:13.30
9 Spain 14:42.90
10 NZ 17.43.50
Top 5 CLUB TEAMS + Time behind leader
1 Motoklub Jiretin Topservis [CZ] 0:00.00
2 MA Mcarthur MCC 1 [Australia] 8:36.10
3 Motoclub Jiretin Pfanner [CZ] 13:00.30
4 Trail Riders of Houston [USA] 15:26.50
5 Motoclub Jiretin Batex [CZ] 22:23.70
GB CLUB TEAMS (yesterday’s position in brackets) + Time behind leader
9 (10) Wales A 28:35.30
12 (13) BAFMA 31:35.30
13 (16) St Georges (Team England) 33:25.90
16 (15) Wales B 35:35.70
[22 Christchurch off road 43:00.20 – Kelly Paterson’s team]
35 N. Riding 1 hr 01:13.68
37 (25) Rydale 1hr 03:40.13
40 (43) IoMan 1 hr 19:19.55
50 (62) Witley Warriors 1hr 59:54.33
55 (48) West of England 2hr 07:48.29
84 (89) RAF 4hr 20:51.38
122 Dyfed 9hr 36:32.68 Cefin Evans out
135 (131) WTRA All three riders out
1 Juha Salminen(60) Finland 0:00.00
2 Ivan Cervantes (59) Spain 0:22.48
3 (2) Simone Albergone(23) Italy 0:29.53
4 (3) Marc Germain (1) France 0:47.08
GB Riders:
26 (27) Edward Jones (14) 2:57.94
31 (50) Ashley Woods (222) 3:20.71
40 (47) Kevin Murray (244) 3:44.20
41 (45) Andrew Edwards (61) 3:45.62
43 (44) Dylan Jones (66) 3:57.11
56 (58) Steve Hunt (311) 4:30.59
60 (59) Rowan Jones (330) 4:45.25
[68 Kelly Paterson (339) 5:23.59] Ex Witley Warrior
76 (93) Daz Wilcock (313) 5:43.61 Witley Warrior
81 (75) Tim Forman (304) 5:59.87
93 (96) James Yearley (285) 6:22.38
105 (108) Richard Hay (30) 7:02.19
107 (106) David (Jack) Johns (250) 7:15.94
169 (180) Dylan Davies (228) 44:14.90
171 (179) Nick Bartle (227) 53:00.27
1 (3) Mika Ahola (151) Finland 0:00.00
2 (4) Stefan Merriman 0:03.16
3 (2) Samuli Aro (97) Finland 0:11.75
4 (1) Kurt Casselli (109) USA 0:16.8
GB Riders:
21 (25) Tom Sagar (146) 1:34.52
33 (44) Daryl Bolter (90) 2:10.53
46 (31) Simon Wakely (120) 2:45.83
48 (54) Chris Hockey (149) 2:55.40
50 (52) Robert Jones (400) 3:03.57
59 (58) Andy Frost (403) 3:31.65
71 (57) Luke Lusher (513) 4:07.32
81 (92) Craig Bounds (445) 5:08.83
84 (88) Lee Edmondson (450) 5:18.52
99 (111) Will Midgley (508) 5:48.67
111 (99) Gethin Price (419) 6:14.71
112 (129) Gavin Hockey (425) 6:15.94
138 (137) Andy Walton (501) 8:03.06
145 (127) Tom Knill (398) 8:29.69
150 (122) Ben Begbie (413) 8:49.41
162 (176) Nigel Beaumont (458) 10:48.93
166 (177) Paul Jay (547) 12:05.42 Witley Warrior
167 (153) Michael Seward (428) 12:13.53
187 (209) Jason Naruszewicz (383) 22:42.38
193 (211) Richard Alldred (545) 26:13.84 Witley Warrior
195 (73) Oliver Moyce ( 530) 26:41.49
205 (205) Paul Hearn (541) 36:04.65
1 (2) Marko Tarkkala (167) Finland 0:00.00
2 (1) Fabien Planet (198) France 0:05.04
3 (3) Cristobal Guerrero (175) Spain 0:24.30
GB Riders:
7 (10) Euan McConnell (162) 0:55.97
57 (52) Jonathon Williams (574) 7:12.27
77 (75) Mark Weaver (604) 21:26.63
95 (96) Julian Crimp (605) 1hr 03:27.42

Start of Day 4

All of the British riders still in the running performed minor tasks on their bikes oil changes, topping up fluids etc. and all were determined to rise to the antipodean challenge of schedule A for day 4 in strange terrain but very familiar wet conditions. Richard Alldred once again feels good and this time hopes he really has pulled through the tummy bug (which is now afflicting Julie and has troubled a few others that are by now feeling better). Paul has suffered a few knocks and tweaks from ailing off and taking high speed dabs but as he gets used to the bike he is getting better at staying on – 5 offs on day 1 in special tests 3 on day 2 2 on day 3 lets hope for 0 today. When I asked what he wanted to do to his bike this morning he replied “talk to it nicely” which is about all he needed to do.
The third rider on Daz and Steve Hunt’s minute is Australian girl Alison Parker (312). This gives the lads a bit of distraction when they are queuing up to exit the parc ferme. I told daz to concentrate on the riding and not be distracted by her on the going – he replied that unfortunately she was a bit slower than he and Steve to which I pointed out that it might be she who likes looking at their bottoms – she is currently lying in 149th 15:07.58 behind the class leader but only 5:00 minutes late on check times – so she isn’t far behind them!
And again today after all the riders were away the heavens opened and heavy rainfall looks like it is going to be the order of the day. The local event officials have started being apologetic about the weather and claiming that that these are freak conditions – the Welsh retort to this that it is just like being at home “we live in this”. Tongue in cheek they thank the organisers for the trouble they have gone to in making them feel at home…
Local teams Tapo 1 and Taupo 2 are in 80th and 91st positions respectively. Taupo 1 had a rider very close to houring out yesterday in E2 class and Taupo 2 had a rider hour out on day 2 in E3 class and another yesterday in E2 class – so if the locals are finding the going so difficult perhaps these are unusual conditions.

Brief ISDE update end of Day 4 Sent: Fri 17/11/2006 04:58

Nearly all the GB riders were in when I left the work area and those still awaited are known to be on their way in Again those who have lost time - and many did on this gruelling A schedule - may get some back because Ted Bartlett is sure the jury will call for one of the checks TC3 to be void - one of those canned yesterday - because due to hold-ups the field of rider were sent on a diverted route after a number had already passed through. I have also heard that one of the clocks broke down - don't know which - so I expect that check will be ditched too. Nick Bartle of the RAF had some bad luck today when his flywheel worked loose wrecking the woodruff key and bringing his day to an end. He has repaired the bike and returned it to the parc ferme so is hoping to ride tomorrow I left them waiting and hoping that Paul Hearn (still out when I left to report) doesn't hour out. I can also confirm that Kevin Murrays bike is a non runner so he is out.
Witley Warriors Daz Wilcock lost a little time today on the troublesome check as did Paul and Richard (11 and 10 Mins respectively - Paul also lost 2 somewhere else) and we are hoping that the check will be void. Daz was pleased to report that he put in a faster test time than his army rivals and I will check on the results tomorrow and get back to you. Richard is finally fully fit - the Big Bird is back !
Breaking News - Kev Murray Siezed Sent: Thu 16/11/2006 21:54

News has very recently filtered back to the GB service area that BAFMA (army) rider Kevin Murray, who had been setting a blistering pace and who was in 40th place after day 3 in the E1 class on his 4 stroke 250 has siezed the engine on the first check. Kev was tight on time last night and performed a very rushed oil change which in the limited time available meant only a small quantity of new oil was put in the engine for him to travel the 500m to the finish check at the parc ferme. The engine ran OK for this short burst and Kev filled up in the morning work time before setting off so it is doubtful if this was truly the cause of his mishap - it may have been waiting to happen anyway - the colour of Kevin's exhaust confirms that he has been working the engine very hard. Only time ( a commodity in short supply here) will tell if he has been able to re-start the engine to get going again.

Day 4 Schedule A Sent: Thu 16/11/2006 17:45

Day 4 (which starts in about 20 minutes time) will be running on a new route at schedule A. Despite being a new route it will still be using a number of the tracks that were used in the going yesterday - to avoid the problems incurred yesterday there will be detours around the water-hole where the bridge collapsed and Lee Edmondson drowned his bike - I heard over the breakfast table that Lee had in fact successfully jumped the water but when he landed on the steep opposite bank he lost traction and slid backwards into the water - up to his chest. I know he got the bike running again and I believe hes finished the day. The good news is that the Jury last night declared all time penalties on TC3 and TC4 are void so many riders that incurred huge penalties will be back in the running and those that apparently houred out because of this (Lee Included) should be starting today. I do not have a hard copy of the results yet but will update as soon as I can.


Results from DAY 4 –
Please Note:
Team results are positions after Day 4 hence the current position on the leaderboard,
But it has been brought to my attention that the individual results are positions of the day only, not indicative of positions or total time lost over the course of the event.
Top 10 World Trophy Teams: (previous positions in brackets) + Time behind leader (previous)
1 Finland 0:00.00
2 France 9:07.40 (6:19.31)
3 Spain 14:10.90 (11:27.80}
4 (6) (5) Italy 18:13.6 (13:52.40)
5 (4) (6) Australia 18.30.80 (12:49.60)
6 (5) (4) Sweden 19:43.50 (13:49.30)
7 NZ 30:20.5 (19:17.90)
8 (9) Slovakia 48:17.10 (35:16.20)
9 (8) GB 48.18.20 (35:06.80)
10 USA 53:46.1 (38:34.10)
Top 10 JuniorTrophy Teams: (previous positions in brackets) + Time behind leader (previous)
1 USA 0:00.0
2 France 4:30.96 (3:32.32)
3 (3) (4) Australia 6:27.36 (4:16.24)
4 (5) (6) Italy 8:43.36 (6:54.53)
5 (4) (3) Germany 8:46.05 (6:26.26)
6 (6) (5) Finland 9:43.86 (7:10.74)
7 GB 10:39.70 (8:52.70)
8 Netherlands 15:12.00 (11:13.30)
9 Spain 19:47.70 (14:42.90)
10 NZ 26:01.00 (17.43.50)
Top 5 CLUB TEAMS (no change in positions) + Time behind leader (previous time)
1 Motoklub Jiretin Topservis [CZ] 0:00.00
2 MA Mcarthur MCC 1 [ Australia ] 12:04.70 (8:36.10)
3 Motoclub Jiretin Pfanner [CZ] 16:48.10 (13:00.30)
4 Trail Riders of Houston [ USA ] 22:16.30 (15:26.50)
5 Motoclub Jiretin Batex [CZ] 32:04.50 (22:23.70)
GB CLUB TEAMS (yesterday’s position in brackets) + Time behind leader (previous time)
9 (9) (10) Wales A 45:37.90 (28:35.30)
10 (16) (15) Wales B 48:20.10 (35:35.70)
17 (13) (16) St Georges (Team England ) 56:24.00 (33:25.90)
[20 (22) Christchurch off road 1hr 4:31.66 (43:00.20) – Kelly Paterson’s team]
28 (37) (25) Rydale 1 hr 21:37.61 (1hr 03:40.13)
31 (35) (35) N. Riding 1hr 33;46.66 (1 hr 01:13.68)
34 (40) (43) IoMan 1hr 47:57.15 (1 hr 19:19.55)
37 (50) (62) Witley Warriors 2hr 25:21.59 (1hr 59:54.33)
42 (12) (13) BAFMA 2hr 40:16.89 (31:35.30)
47 (55) (48) West of England 2hr 55:41.70 (2hr 07:48.29)
91 (84) (89) RAF 7hr 44:40.03 (4hr 20:51.38)
124 (122) (122) Dyfed 14hr 42:06.26 (9hr 36:32.68)
135 (131) WTRA All three riders out
1 Juha Salminen(60) Finland 0:00.00
2 (3) (2) Simone Albergone(23) Italy 0:25.68 (0:29.53)
3 (4) (3) Marc Germain (1) France 0:45.57 (0:47.08)
4(2) Ivan Cervantes (59) Spain 0:57.44 (0:22.48)
GB Riders:
20 (26) (27) Edward Jones (14) 2:47.64 (2:57.94)
30 (41) (45) Andrew Edwards (61) 3:56.50 (3:45.62)
36 (43) (44) Dylan Jones (66) 4:19.75 (3:57.11)
53 (56) (58) Steve Hunt (311) 5:41.25 (4:30.59)
63 (105) (108) Richard Hay (30) 6:34.80 (7:02.19)
71 (76) (93) Daz Wilcock (313) 7:01.09 (5:43.61) Witley Warrior
[80 (68) Kelly Paterson (339) 8:04.26 (5:23.59)] Ex Witley Warrior
82(31) (50) Ashley Woods (222) 8:12.99 (3:20.71)
84 (60) (59) Rowan Jones (330) 8:22.83 (4:45.25)
87 (93) (96) James Yearley (285) 8:41.89 (6:22.38)
92 (107) (106) David (Jack) Johns (250) 9:26.41 (7:15.94)
110 (81) (75) Tim Forman (304) 11:32.94 (5:59.87)
154 (169) (180) Dylan Davies (228) 1hr 11:59.71 (44:14.90)
1 (3) (2) Samuli Aro (97) Finland 0:00.00 (0:11.75)
2 (2) (4) Stefan Merriman 0:15.68 (0:03.16)
3 (4) (1) Kurt Casselli (109) USA 0:23.53 (0:16.81)
4 (1) (3) Mika Ahola (151) Finland 0:24.58 (0:00.00)
GB Riders:
21 (21) (25) Tom Sagar (146) 2:09.10 (1:34.52)
26 (46) (31) Simon Wakely (120) 2:15.34 (2:45.83)
29 (33) (44) Daryl Bolter (90) 2:21.44 (2:10.53)
45 (50) (52) Robert Jones (400) 3:32.90 (3:03.57)
47 9480 (54) Chris Hockey (149) 3:44.29 (2:55.40)
55 (71) (57) Luke Lusher (513) 4:12.21 (4:07.32)
64 (195) (73) Oliver Moyce ( 530) 5:01.83 (26:41.49)
71 (59) (58) Andy Frost (403) 5:28.77 (3:31.65)
79 (84) (88) Lee Edmondson (450) 5:42.70 (5:18.52)
81 (81) (92) Craig Bounds (445) 6:01.02 (5:08.83)
84 (111) (99) Gethin Price (419) 6:12.24 (6:14.71)
102 (99) (111) Will Midgley (508) 7:34.67 (5:48.67)
104 (145) (127) Tom Knill (398) 7:49.30 (8:29.69)
117 (150) (122) Ben Begbie (413) 9:16.73 (8:49.41)
130 (193) (211) Richard Alldred (545) 10:28.99 (26:13.84) Witley Warrior
136 (138) (137) Andy Walton (501) 11:31.79 (8:03.06)
145 (167) (153) Michael Seward (428) 13:38.22 (12:13.53)
149 (166) (177) Paul Jay (547) 14:22.59 (12:05.42) Witley Warrior
152 (112) (129) Gavin Hockey (425) 15:13.52 (6:15.94)
172 (162) (176) Nigel Beaumont (458) 23:15.15 (10:48.93)
176 (187) (209) Jason Naruszewicz (383) 26:11.18 (22:42.38)
198 (205) (205) Paul Hearn (541) 1hr 04:03.54 (36:04.65)
1 (2) (1) Fabien Planet (198) France 0:00.00 (0:05.04)
2 (1) (2) Marko Tarkkala (167) Finland 0:01.20 (0:00.00)
3 (3) (3) Cristobal Guerrero (175) Spain 0:17.57 (0:24.30)
GB Riders:
4 (7) (10) Euan McConnell (162) 0:18.02 (0:55.97)
44 (57) (52) Jonathon Williams (574) 6:47.13 (7:12.27)
78 (77) (75) Mark Weaver (604) 27:11.94 (21:26.63)
81 (95) (96) Julian Crimp (605) 38:16,19 (1hr 03:27.42)
Saturday 18th November. Report from the 2006 ISDE Lake Taupo New Zealand. Sent: Saturday, 18 November, 2006 12:20:46 AM
By Gordon Ayshford – Team manager for Witley Warriors http://www.witleymcc.org
RESULTS DAY 4 - Start DAY 5 -
Results of Day 4
Witley Warriors are looking good, climbing steadily up the leaderboard. If they can keep their losses to a minimum to day (in comparison with others) and put in some more good special test times we may creep a little higher; though in today’s appalling conditions (guess what it is cold, windy and raining again) I fell life out on the going will be a lottery. There have been course modifications since yesterdays fiascos in a few areas – checks were again canned in last nights jury meeting but unfortunately where the Witley Lads had lost less time than many other riders – ironically if the results had stood Witley should have made a better result!
Richard is getting quicker as his position on day 4 testifies – all that motocross is paying off ! and Paul on his much lighter and less powerful 250 two stroke isn’t doing too bad – it is a shame he lost 2 minutes on the going on a check that wasn’t rendered void – it cost him 7 places.
I can also confirm that as he claimed Daz Wilcock put in a blistering time on the last Cross Test of the day yesterday and on a 250 4 stroke Yamaha! Ashley Woods is the only GB E1 rider to have put in a faster time on that test on his 125 2 stroke Honda.
All the GB Club teams that have not lost riders are looking good and creeping steadily up the leaderboard. Dyfed who have lost Cefin Evans (and I don’t know yet if Tom Williams who houred out again was allowed to start today) and BAFMA who have lost Kevin Murray are sinking by the day and WTRA who have lost all three are already resting on the bottom. Thankfully we have had no more losses due to injury and I have heard that Jason Thomas will be having his hand operated on here in NZ which should minimise the risk of any permanent effects.
EDITORIAL COMMENT: The elimination of these checks was again made necessary because course diversions were implemented after the lead riders had passed through and the rules clearly stipulate (so Ted Bartlett informs me) that the course must be the same for all riders for the check to be valid. The spate of diversions due to the deterioration of the course shows that the organisers were perhaps a little too ambitious with such a huge entry of 600 riders. The elimination of sections of the course after some riders have struggled through, taken risks, expended huge amounts of energy, demonstrated their skill and courage and the capabilities of their bike and its race preparation to then allow the following riders a diversion and finally to strike that check from the results does tens to make a mockery of the fundamentals of enduro. The validity of final positions and medals awarded becomes devalued. On the flip side of this there is the issue that when a course deteriorates so grossly in such a short time after the passage of the trophy teams the top club rider, that may be only a few seconds off Trophy pace on a level playing field, is not given the chance to demonstrate his form. By the time he gets there the course is in such a poor condition he has to work harder – if he is good enough (or lucky enough) not to lose time on the going (and if the check he has proved himself better than others is not scrubbed) he will be unlikely to perform at his peak in special tests - the gold (or even silver) medal he may have aimed for was never really within his reach and hey presto he is an also-ran. Perhaps the time is ripe for change, for the competition to develop to encourage up and coming riders rather than present them with an impossible task?

Start of Day 5

Checks have been changed to eliminate the stoppers of yesterday that resulted in course diversions after the leaders had passed through. Today the organisers assure us that there will be no course alterations during the day (but they probably didn’t anticipate the torrential downpour that started a short while after the last rider was away – they were referring to how the course would improve if / when it dried up)
There were 476 bikes in the parc ferme ready to start today and the organisers need to reduce the number of riders for the final day motocross to 450 - today we are on schedule A again – I don’t think there will be anywhere near that number left in the running in these conditions if as they promise the organisers hold all times from all checks irrespective of any problems.
I had a chat with Kelly Patterson yesterday and we got around to discussing the conditions -the weather and its effect on the rideability of the course. He is sharing service facilities with the local teams Taupo 1 and Taupo 2 who are struggling. He says they have never ridden in such an arduous event before and just like the organisers it would seem, could not comprehend the way a relatively small number of Trophy team riders could churn up the course and cut ruts that were impassable for the club riders following them. They also confirmed to Kelly (who is from South Island and has found the course and conditions as much of a shock as the rest of us) that we are suffering freak weather conditions for this time of year – Just now, sitting in a tin warehouse with the rain hammering on the roof, I shall be glad to get back to an English winter (?)


ISDE the final frontier Sent: Saturday, 18 November, 2006 6:20:08 PM

Well the last day has arrived and after yesterdays catastrophe where the weather showed who is boss, all the GB squad that started yesterday are starting today for the short 7.5 k run down the road to the Motocross track - start times are in reverse order of the results so the slower guys are away first for the early races building to a crescendo at the end of the day (well that is the plan we will have to wait and see ). The weather is dry and there is a little sunshine so everyone has high hopes that this will be a fitting climax to an awesome event -
PS I am not sure how easy it will be to get a report out after the MX but I will do my best to get some final results this evening and gat something out later tonight/ tomorrow.
Stop Press FINAL DAY Sent: Sunday, 19 November, 2006 3:40:01 AM
What a FANTASTIC DAY - the weather was ideal sunny but not to hot and the Digger McEwan MX track was graded and in perfect condition - to start with but lived up to its reputation of digging up into a rough ride. Proven by the fact that the fastest time was put in by a clubman Haayer Barend of the Netherlands riding in E1 on a honda in an early race - even faster than Joel Smets who won the last race but one, the E2 final. I don't have much time so for the results you will have to look at the results website all I want to say is that the British crew riders and support all did themselves proud! And the WITLEY WARRIORS have survived another battle with honour and here are the (unofficial) top 10 overall after the MX to whet your appetite

Salminen Juha / Finland

Albergoni Simone / Italy

Cervantes Ivan / Spain

Germain Marc / France

Remes Eero / Finland

Dietrick Ricky / USA

Pohjamo Petri / Finland

Micheluz Maurizio / Italy

Bourgeois Marc / France

Hollis Christopher / Australia
The world Trophy has been reclaimed by FINLAND and the Junior Trophy by USA
I was wrong in an earlier update not all the riders that started Day 5 were up for the final day MX. The RAF rider Nick Bartle who had repaired the flywheel on his bike then had a more serious failure - a main bearing - probably thrown out by the vibration of the rough running while the timing was out. Andy Frost of St Georges had injured his leg and decided it would be best not to risk making it any worse.
This is Gordon signing-off probably until I get back to the UK - they are dismantling the ISDE set-up around us now as life gets back to nomal for Taupo.
For PDF results of total 6 Days times, click on AFTER

Final Results After DAY 6 –

Top 10 World Trophy Teams
+ Time behind leader
1 Finland 0:00.00
2 France 15:09.3
3 Spain 20:06.2
4 Italy 23:24.9
5 Sweden 19:43.50
6 Australia 25:51.4
7 NZ 42:39.0
8 Slovakia 58:32.9
9 GB over 1 hr
10 USA over 1 hr

Top 10 JuniorTrophy Teams
: + Time behind leader
1 USA 0:00.0
2 France 8:19.78
3 Australia 11:54.2
4 Germany 14:05.5
5 Italy 15:20.4
6 GB 17.52.2
7 Finland 19:20.8
8 Netherlands 20:01.2
9 Spain 26:27.3
10 NZ 35:16.5

+ Time behind leader
1 Motoklub Jiretin Topservis [CZ] 0:00.00
2 MA Mcarthur MCC 1 [Australia] 13:17.1
3 Motoclub Jiretin Pfanner [CZ] 20:42.9
4 Trail Riders of Houston [USA] 25:40.2
5 Motoclub Jiretin Batex [CZ] 33:23.9

10 Wales A
11 Wales B
[19 Christchurch off road – Kelly Paterson’s team]
27 Rydale
29 N. Riding
31 IoMan
34 Witley Warriors
42 West of England
54 St Georges (Team England)
90 RAF
125 Dyfed
135 WTRA All three riders out

1 Juha Salminen(60) Finland 0:00.00 GOLD
2 Simone Albergone(23) Italy 2:57.51 GOLD
3 Ivan Cervantes (59) Spain 3:37.91 GOLD
4 Marc Germain (1) France 4:18.80 GOLD

GB Riders:
25 Edward Jones (14) GOLD (Gold Down to 28th )
33 Andrew Edwards (61) SILVER
40 Dylan Jones (66) SILVER
48 Ashley Woods (222) SILVER
53 Steve Hunt (311) SILVER
67 Rowan Jones (330) SILVER
[69 Kelly Paterson (339) Ex Witley Warrior SILVER
70 Daz Wilcock (313) Witley Warrior SILVER
75 Richard Hay (30) SILVER
78 James Yearley (285) SILVER
92 David (Jack) Johns (250) SILVER
86 Tim Forman (304) SILVER (Silver down to 118th)
152 Dylan Davies (228) BRONZE

1 Samuli Aro (97) Finland 0:00.00 GOLD
2 Mika Ahola (151) Finland 0:26.24 GOLD
3 Stefan Merriman 0:36.89 GOLD
4 Kurt Casselli (109) USA 0:46.44 GOLD

GB Riders:
23 Tom Sagar (146) GOLD
30 Simon Wakely (120) GOLD
32 Daryl Bolter (90) GOLD
43 Chris Hockey (149) GOLD (Gold down to 47th place)
50 Robert Jones (400) SILVER
63 Luke Lusher (513) SILVER
77 Lee Edmondson (450) SILVER
80 Craig Bounds (445) SILVER
84 Gethin Price (419) SILVER
93 Will Midgley (508) SILVER
102 Tom Knill (398) SILVER
113 Ben Begbie (413) SILVER
115 Gavin Hockey (425) SILVER
124 Andy Walton (501) SILVER
132 Oliver Moyce ( 530) SILVER
140 Michael Seward (428) SILVER (Silver to 154th )
159 Paul Jay (547) BRONZE Witley Warrior
165 Nigel Beaumont (458) BRONZE
171 Richard Alldred (545) BRONZE Witley Warrior
176 Jason Naruszewicz (383) BRONZE
188 Paul Hearn (541) BRONZE

1 Marko Tarkkala (167) Finland 0:00.00 GOLD
2 Cristobal Guerrero (175) Spain 055.72 GOLD
3 Fabien Planet (198) France 1:09.63 GOLD

GB Riders:
8 Euan McConnell (162) GOLD (gold to 28th)
48 Jonathon Williams (574) SILVER (silver to 64th)
70 Mark Weaver (604) BRONZE
83 Julian Crimp (605) BRONZE

Farewell from NZ

Daz Wilcock won a SIlver Medal for the Witley Warriors but Paul and Richard were Bronze - still a medal to be proud of in an event where some sections of the track were blocked by less able riders that abandoned their bikes - resulting in those checks being scrubbed from the day thus eliminating the means to separate those less able riders from the field of riders who could have made it through that were later in the starting order.

The Hewlett-Packard cardboard boxes have just been brought into the room and the technicians are just starting to pull the room apart so the pictures from a special test on day 4 (I think - its all'a bit of a blur now) and the final day motocross will have to wait until I am back in the UK - Thursday sometime.
Thursday 23rd November. Report from the 2006 ISDE Lake Taupo New Zealand. Sent: Thu 23/11/2006 15:52
By Gordon Ayshford – Team manager for Witley Warriors http://www.witleymcc.org/
BACK in England – here I can now summarise the final results after day 6 as I have previously. I have also now been able to send the last batch of photos from a special test on day 4 and the final motocross – I tried to snap as many of the UK riders as possible but there are some notable omissions – in the only photo I managed to get of Paul Jay I chopped his head and shoulders off – he jumped higher that I had been ready for !
Witley Warriors have returned to roost
Team are safely home from New Zealand following November’s premier international off-road motorcycle competition.
Once again Guildford’s off-road team of motorcyclists the “Witley Warriors” have done us proud!! Discharging themselves with honour as part of the Team GB International Six Day Enduro squad the 3 Witley riders and their hard-working support crew completed a gruelling event which suffered freak weather conditions as torrential rain, driven by chilling winds from the Antarctic created chaos amongst the 600 riders battling for survival over the mountainous central forests of New Zealand’s North Island. Daz Wilcock gained a Silver medal, while Paul Jay and Richard Alldred had to be content with bronze. Event Director and Clerk of the Course Sean Clark had personally been responsible for much of the track preparation and a wonderful job he had made of it – what a shame that the conditions deteriorated and made a mockery of some of the more challenging going. The course could not cope with the huge entry (organisers were boasting that it was the biggest to date) and having anticipated a typical NZ spring of dry bright sunshine with the risk of an occasional shower there had been no “plan B”. Many of the routes were cleared to give little room for passing and as the depth of the ruts increased any previous options to a single track were eliminated. The result of this was the further a rider was down the starting order the less chance he was going to have of getting a clear run at the obstacles due to others having failed and become stuck or abandoning their bikes on the only available line. Daz benefited from riding no 313, not far behind the World and Junior Trophy riders that accounted for the first 202 away from the start and he finished in 70th position within his class – just one place behind ex Witley Warrior, Kiwi Kelly Paterson who this year rode for his local NZ South Island Club Team; Christchurch off-road. Richard and Paul were 545 and 547 respectively. The toll inflicted on the course by the 230 riders that had followed Daz wreaked havoc with the field as the course conditions deteriorated through the week. A number of time checks were discarded from the results of each day which meant that and in a climax of catastrophe on day 5 all checks after the second special test were abandoned – all riders after about number three hundred and fifty being sent on a diversion to avoid an impassable hill, which brought them back to the finish before some of the earlier numbers that had been “lucky” enough to rider the full course. This cause a bit of an upset because all the trophy team riders had competed the full course and the times they recorded would have had a significant effect on the overall results - but due to the deterioration of track conditions after they had passed through and the onset of club-level riders the full-on performances from the top riders was to no avail. Paul and Richard, plus no doubt a large proportion of the field would also have given their all to get round and produce a meaningful result but without a “plan B” and with abandoned bikes making a diversion the only way for the organisers to keep the riders moving (there weren’t many travelling marshals in sight) the more capable club riders were denied their chance to prove they were better than those who could not make it up the hill ! Paul finished in 159th and Richard 171st in their E2 class giving Witley Warriors a 34th place in a field of 135 club teams.
The salvation of the event came on Sunday, day six, the MOTOCROSS. What a FANTASTIC DAY ! - the weather was ideal, sunny but not to hot and the Digger McEwan MX track was graded and in perfect condition - to start with; but lived up to its reputation of digging up into a rough ride. Proven by the fact that the fastest time was put in by a clubman, Haayer Barend of the Netherlands in the first race in the smallest engine class E1 - even faster than 5 times world motocross champion, Belgian hero Joel Smets, winner of the penultimate race, the class E2 final. For full results you will have to look at the results website to which there is a link from the Witley website: http://www.witleymcc.org/ where if you click on the Witley Warriors Icon on the left, you can find a pictures of the event, the locality and the riders mentioned above intertwined with an account of the event as it happened plus details of how to join us in enjoying the wide spectrum of motorcycling as a sporting and social activity. The Club Secretary is Mrs Jo Ayshford who can be reached on 01483 429523. Other contact details available from the website. Where you can experience nearly first-hand how the British crew; riders and support all did themselves proud! And the WITLEY WARRIORS have survived another battle with honour.