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Not often do you get the offer of a ‘Barn Find’ but it happened to me recently.

Having attended the Ash Scouts’ Quiz, we were put on a table with four other quiz participants. During the break, we had chance to get to know each other and we happened to mention our love of motorcycle touring. One of the team said “I’ve got an old bike in my garage that hasn’t been used for 13 years” “I would like someone to have it and get the old girl running again”.

Well, you don’t ignore comments like that, do you? It was a 1988 Honda VF1000RF. We swapped mobile numbers and I said I would try to help him out (I am the generous type after all). The next weekend I contacted him and arranged to view the bike.

Prior to that I went to see Gordon Farley and explained the offer to him. He was kind enough to explain all the things that could be wrong and roughly how much it would cost to get it running.

He suggested an offer of £250 to £300.

Armed with that information I went to check out the bike.

Well it was a bit of a shock to find it leaning against a wall in a dirt floor garage. Some animal had obviously been shut in the garage and had got between the bike and the wall to dig its way out. The dirt was well over the wheels and it looked as if the lower fairing was resting on the ground, such was the pile of dirt.

I knew straight away that is was too much of a project for me alone so I told him as much and explained I would seek help from a friend. However, I made the offer of £250 which was accepted.

Having gone home to think about it I decided that by the time it was ready for the road again I would be too old to ride it being that it was 20Kg heavier than the Bandit.

I put details on Facebook to see if anyone wanted the project.

Martin Penfold was the first to shout, so he will be parting with £250 (no agents fees) and probably by the time you read this he will have the bike in his workshop.

The owner brought the bike in 1997, rode it for 5 years then in 2002, put it in the garage and it never turned a wheel since. He is over the moon that it will be put back on the road.

That model was discontinued in February 1988 so this would have been stock clearance in August 1988 when it was first registered. There are just 16 of these left that are licensed for the road and 26 on S.O.R.N’s.

Good luck with it Martin and hopefully many happy miles when you get it running.

The Honda has now been collected and is now with Martin for a long term rebuild project.

Hopefully, in the next issue we can have a picture from Martin to show progress.