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The first edition of 2015 is as usual hurriedly cobbled together. Sorry it’s late and has missed our frst events of 2015.

The February Classic Enduro set the scene, and exactly four weeks later, on 22nd March, Witley MCC organised and promoted the Weston Trophy British Championship Trial at Butser Limeworks. The result of a great deal of hard background work by Neil Bowker, this is a real coup for the Club and we trust that it will have been just the first of many.

But we also have quite a few events to look forward to in the coming months. The TVTC June date has returned to us as well, so the GD Brown Cup will be the reward for whoever comes out on top of the pile on 14th June.

The Hare & Hounds Championship Enduro round will be at the beginning of July. Looking much further afield, the teams for the 2015 ISDE in Slovakia are in place, and we await news of their acceptance by the organisers.

Rather less strenuously, entries for the ACU/BMF National Road Rally are now open. If you have a road bike and fancy an excuse to ride it fairly continuously for about 24 hours, this is your opportunity. Witley MCC has (in theory at least) 4 entrants to date – two more would give us an additional team.

The organisation of the 2015 National Road Rally is well under way and it has been announced that Box Hill will be a Final Control this year. Ryka’s Café will be joining (provisionally) Whitchchurch, Leeds, Warminster and Stibbington as the final destination for some riders of the Rally. Think we might be among them...

In the meantime I have been looking for a new motorcycle, the Zephyr having become increasingly tired and erratic over recent months, rather like its owner. In my campaign to make sure I end up with something suitable for fairly varied useage, I have been testriding a wide range of options, and may well have something to say about them once I’ve come to some kind of conclusion...

The Kawasaki, however, will not be going anywhere. It’s not worth much as a trade-in and I have become quite attached to it over the past 16 or so years, so I’m thinking that a bit of TLC over the next couple of years may give it a new lease of life.

Whatever happens, the spring is under way. Enjoy your riding!