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Beaulieu Take Two

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The weather coming up to the run had been brilliant... so Sunday dawned and it looked a little uncertain but still dry. We assembled at the petrol station on the Farnham by-pass and managed to depart a quarter of an hour early. All went well for a while until it decided to rain "not a lot"; then we hit the M3 & M27, only to run into traffic.

Our leader Bernard started to filter through the traffic until a Highways man decided to stop all lanes of vehicles. It was a nasty prang, but was it completely necessary to stop everything? We travelled on, weather improved and we had a brilliant day.

I had the bright idea of locking my helmet to my bike and Bernard also said he would take me up on the offer, Bernard did ask if I was going to put the lock through the wheel !! to secure it – OK, perhaps I should. When we departed the venue I received a bout of cramp as punishment.

Please see a few of the photos also the diversity of the machines – electric sprinter, and what year is that autocycle wheel?? A big thanks to Bernard and Diana for organising the trip.


Graham Ford

Beaulieu Ride-In Day

Posted by: Bernard Jay in On The Roadclassic on

On Sunday 13th July, Gordon Ayshford, Dave Kavanagh, Graham Ford, Derek Prior, Diana Delahoy and myself met at the BP garage on the Farnham bypass to go to the 5th annual Beaulieu Motorcycle Ride-In Day.

There should have been one more, but unfortunately Graham Smith had to swap his bike gear for a posh suit to attend a meeting in London. The odd shower or two on the way down did not deter us; nor did the stupid HATO idiot who decided to stop all traffic on the A31 due to a shunt. It was all flowing nice and steady until he turned up. Put a person in uniform and suddenly they think they are god!!

Normally the entrance fee to Beaulieu is £20.00 but on this day pre-booked motorcycle riders could get in for only £6.00. It is well worth looking out for this next year, as once inside there are no more charges for attractions.

We all kept together and arrived at the gate to show our tickets having followed the ride in signs through the New Forest.

Gordon and Dave purchased their tickets separately but all the others were on one ticket which I held. Unfortunately I copied it for Derek and he insisted on handing it in despite my arm waving for him not to. Hopefully I won’t get a demand for extra payment having made a copy which was barcoded.

The bikes were there in their thousands with many large organised groups of Harleys and other makes – all lined up with pucks or squares of wood for prop stands spaced nicely. I must add that the staff were intelligent and aware of the space needed for each bike and each row. Excellent organisation.

Inside the arena Steve Colley was demonstrating his skill on a trials bike and later the children’s Tigers Team put on a good display.

On The Road

Posted by: Bernard Jay in On The Road on

Sooner or later some members are going to get fed up reading about the road bike trips.

Maybe they will then put pen to paper to let us know what they have been up to off road. Or, more importantly, what they will be doing in the near future that maybe we can be part of! Until that happens here is yet another road riding tale...

To the South of France on the F800GT with Diana

22 days, 8 hotels and 1800 miles. No rain and no major mishaps. Just a blown main bulb that was quickly changed.

The Continental Road Attack tyres have now done 8500 miles and still have some life left. When you consider that most of that mileage is two-up, fully loaded with top box and panniers, it by far exceeds the most I’ve ever got out of a set of modern tyres. They will certainly be replaced with the same make before we go to Spain later in the year.

On our third night we met up with some ‘old’ French friends in Lyon.

Some of you may remember Anne who visited the Mary Road club room with me in the 80’s and also attended the Witley camping weekend at Frensham. She now owns a hotel in Lyon. Also Agnes, who not only visited the club room in the late 70’s but attended the Witley camping long weekend at Symonds Yat. Agnes remembered Gavin Shaw asking her to go on the back of his bike. I’m not sure if she ever did, but she did say she was so very afraid! Finally, we were joined by Jean Francoise (Anne’s brother) who borrowed a FS1E from Gordon Farley whilst he was here.


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With works going on at home and other things we / I haven't attended many events this year. But Lesley and I did manage to get to the club bar-B-Q on the 26th June and, as always, very good it was!

The weather could have been better – loads of sunshine for ages, then it decided to rain... I think our Chef/Chairman did us well and so, as always, did the ladies. Thank You to all concerned.

We then were concentrating on the weekend Lesley had arranged Tickets for the Festival of Speed at Goodwood. We decided to get up fairly early and get to Goodwood but didn't expect to be bought a cup of tea at 5am. Being awake, we thought we may as well get ready and go – arrived at 7am at the event. Breakfast at the Porsche Café started the day. I could have been happy just walking around the car park, but we had roving grandstand tickets, so off on a trip down memory lane. Brilliant! Lunch at the Richmond Arms set us up for the afternoon watching the cars and bikes All this, and we missed the thunderstorms!

Graham Ford

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