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On The Road

Posted by: Bernard Jay in On The Road on

With the 90th Anniversary event done and dusted, it was time to get out the panniers and top box and pack for Spain.

Santander, Soria, Chinchon and Jaen were our stops on the way down to Nerja. Then we were to have 4 nights at Nerja before heading back North via Cordoba, Guadalupe, Salamanca and Cervera de Pisguela to Santander. There was also a possibility of meeting up with Paul and Candice who were heading to Portugal with a couple of trail bikes in the back of the converted motor home. (That never happened as they were heading South whilst we were on the way back).

Brittany Ferries now have a different method for securing the bikes. There are steel cables running the length of the ship, between which you park the bike on the prop stand; then they strap them down, anchored to the cables.

Unfortunately these cables do move or roll a bit. One unfortunate rider happened to put his foot on the cable when he was about to stop and over he went. Not until later did I realise that it was old friend and ex-Witley member Peter Avard (MSL Tours).

Editor's Bit

Posted by: Laurence Richards in Editors Bit on

The 90th Anniversary Day at the beginning of September was a memorable occasion and testament to the Club spirit that still underpins Witley MCC.

Many thanks to Bernard and Diana for a great deal of hard work in getting it all together, and many thanks too to all those members who turned up to help – and indeed to everyone who turned up to talk, laugh, reminisce and eat cake!

Now, as the unexpected extension of summer that was September fades into a very distant memory, and we slosh around the garden in wellies, we still have plenty to look forward to at Witley MCC as the busy part of the year kicks off.

Firstly we have the Annual Bonfire Night at Frank and Di’s, continuing a tradition that goes back into Witley’s distant past. There may no longer be a piano, and I sincerely hope that there are no tyres and other similar fuels (the misdemeanours of the past do slightly make you cringe these days). But no doubt the atmosphere will be there and you are most welcome to come along for the price of a firework!

Editor's Bit

Posted by: Laurence Richards in Editors Bit on

Clearing out the loft takes forever, not just because it’s awkward/dark/ messy/heavy, but because you keep finding interesting stuff.

Plucking a random copy of the Club News from one of the several thousand cardboard boxes currently clogging up our house (we are moving in case you didn’t know - in fact will have moved by the time you read this) I discovered that it was another edited by me, this time in July 1978, running to 24 pages (plus enclosed forms) with no pictures! Many highlights were to be found, including: a rant by the editor about the front cover design (a hot topic of the time); 16 new members, including the Tyrrell brothers and Phil Cannon; report of a mammoth tour to the Unicorn Rally; a coach trip to the TT; regs for 2 Closed to Club trials; road test of a 350 Morini; extensive trials reports (Group Trial Best Novice was Dave Mair!); Dinner & Dance info; Barons (new vehicles acquired by members); Witley Road Trial report (75 miles, with 84 riders!); and of course, Have You Heard, the place for all Club chit-chat.

Although it was pretty low-tech - scribbled out on the back of fag packets and similar, typed by Sally at Effingham and duplicated on an old Roneo machine - the “Yellow ’Un”does have a certain charm and reflects the life and exploits of the Witley Club at a particularly lively time.

Having never previously set foot on the Emerald Isle, Jane and I decided to spend our summer holiday making a cautious recce of the south east corner.

A handy looking and convenient cottage was found less than 20 miles from Rosslare (we thought better of trying to take the tent to the allegedly damp island) so with waterproofs at the ready and the bikes fuelled up we set off for the west.

An extended lunch stop with friends near Wells was followed by an overnight stay with my sister in Bath. Then, after lunch on Wednesday, we set off for a trip down the M4 for our next overnight near Carmarthen. Having behaved perfectly up to this point,the Zephyr took this opportunity to cough and splutter its way through heavy traffic in the city, but once we hit the A46 heading north, everything cleared up and I’m pleased to report that it’s been running OK ever since.

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