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Down and dirty

Posted by: Gordon Ayshford in National RallyGeneral on

I think I picked up a bug or something when I visited the Ace Café, for the first time, last year.

It was the finish point for the National Rally that Laurie Richards, Dave Kavanagh and I had chosen. Well, to be more precise I think it was my bike that contracted some syndrome rather than me. In the following months the Bandit has changed, changed its shape, its look and its personality. It must have had something to do with the Ace being more than just a final control; it represents an iconic symbol of the greaser “ton-up” era. It still drips with the fermented spirit of nostalgia for these golden days of the past. The fumes from this age, the blend of the spirits of the past are powerful and heady for those who inhale them. Some of this time-warp ectoplasm must have contaminated the Bandit and caused a mutation of its DNA, its growth hormones, its testosterone; its whole schizophrenic character has changed and the aggressive side has become dominant.

Bandit before..

The Scottish Six Days Trial

Posted by: Neil Bowker in Trials on

The Scottish Six Days Trial The Scottish Six Days Trial is regarded as the world's most prestigious trial, the 2013 event being the 102nd edition and attracting 275 riders from over 20 countries including Australia, Japan and USA – and, as usual, a large Spanish contingent.

The Trial takes in 6 long days riding with 30 separate sections, and between 50 to 110 miles per day over some of the most challenging terrain in the British Isles.

The favourites for this year included Doug Lampkin, James Dabil, Michael Brown, Alex Wigg, Sam Connor and Jordi Pascuet.

For me, it was my 11th SSDT and my goal this year was just to enjoy and survive the trial after a torn knee (PCL) ligament only 10 weeks prior to the event. As usual, Sam Connor I would ride together, and this year we were joined by his brothers James and Tim.

All 275 riders took part in the pre-event parade through the town of Fort William – which is always good fun for riders and spectators.

Editor's Bit

Posted by: Laurence Richards in National RallyEditors Bit on

Editor’s bit... Taking part in the National Road Rally in itself isn't really news, since 2013 marks the 40th anniversary of my first attempt!

However, this year I was part of a team aiming to raise funds for two charities – the Sam Beare Hospice, Weybridge, and Cancer Research UK – in memory of several members of Witley MCC who have passed away in the last two years. Alec Jay first introduced me to the Rally in 1973 and I’ve been there most years since. Not to mention that I bought quite a few machines from him, and that he kept them maintained for me – so I’m much indebted to him. Betty Prior was also a keen regular on the Rally – riding pillion with Derek, we covered many hundreds – thousands, in fact – of miles together. So it was fitting that the Witley MCC team (Dave Kavanagh, Gordon Ayshford and myself) should use the occasion to make a collection in their memory, not forgetting John and Pat Martin, tireless workers for the Witley Club, who coped with their ill health together with courage and without complaint.

We are very grateful for all the support, encouragement and donations we've had. So I'm very pleased to say that our two nominated charities will benefit to the tune of over £700.

If you would like to help the Sam Beare Hospice, you can still visit the Witley MCC team page at: http://www.justgiving.com/teams/WitleyNRR Alternatively, if you would like a donation to go to Cancer Research UK, please email me.

From The Chair

Posted by: Barry Brockman in Chairmans Chat on

Witley MCC at Brooklands

First of all, I would like to thank everybody who turned up early to help set up the Witley stand at the Ace Café Ton-Up Day.

Rebecca Brockman, Katherine Brockman, Bernard and Diana, Derek Prior, Graham Smith, Dan Alldred and Claire; followed by Paul Jay, Shaun, Claire and Connor Smith, Charlotte Brockman and James Hamilton, who picked up our President Bill Glover on the way.

The stand looked really good with the new photo boards and pictures, also the set out of the stand looked very appealing. A special thanks must go to Laurie Richards for the new promotional boards.

We had quite a lot of attention with the bikes we had on the display, especially Paul Jay’s Dakar bike, which Paul got to take up Test Hill.

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