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My Dakar Experience

Posted by: Bernard Jay in SportsExtremeEnduro on

Paul invited me to join him on the trip to Le havre for the Dakar registration and scrutineering.

For me, it would be a once in a lifetime chance to see and meet men and machines that you only normally read about.

Our 11pm overnight ferry from Portsmouth was supposed to be with the Race to Recovery lads who are helping Paul this year. However, a film company wanted to cover their trip, so with more sponsorship money in their pockets their crossing was to Caen for a short drive to Le Havre whilst being filmed on route. (This was a blessing in disguise as you will see later).

According to the customs man, we were the only competitors on the ferry, most having crossed either earlier that day or the day before. In fact, this year there are only three British riders, three car teams and two lorries. That meant no long night drinking, so once on board it was a quick couple of pints before turning in. Just as well, because just five hours later a loud voice over the tannoy told us that breakfast was ready.

Fed and watered, we were off loaded and on our way to Hanger 121 in the pitch black at 6.30 am.

Arriving at a very quiet checking area, we slipped into a corner between some very large lorries and watched all the other arrivals. How the big trucks negotiated the French roads I’ll never know. A fleet of five had travelled down from Holland. Two were backup trucks, each towing a trailer with the Dakar lorry on board and another trailer behind with a couple of rally cars on.

ISDE Sardinia we rode there!

Posted by: Bernard Jay in SportsISDEGeneralEnduro on

Having decided some time ago that we would like to ride down to Sardinia for the ISDE and having purchased the BMW with that in mind, we were set for the off.

Planning to cover no more than 265 miles in any day, our journey would be via the tunnel to St Quentin, then Dijon, Aosta and Livorno; 1008 miles in total.

Avoiding the Autoroute as much as possible (unfortunately no choice over here) we used it for the first few miles to get out of Calais and the bit before the Mont Blanc tunnel and onto Genoa. We chose the tunnel knowing it would be very cold over the pass this time of year (Dave will tell you how cold it was, brave man). At 27 euros each way plus another 28 for the motorway toll, it’s not a cheap option. A return for the tunnel was only 34 euros, but you had to return within seven days.

The average mileage gave us time to relax over breakfast each day, have a leisurely lunch and do a bit of sightseeing at our overnight destinations. For us, it is the only way to travel.

Each of the hotels were booked for the return journey, so we knew just what to expect and, more importantly, how to find them easily.

Arriving early in Livorno for the overnight ferry, we were lucky to find a café right on the docks. The owner had a Jack Russell which arrived in the top box of a scooter. I can imagine Barry with his dog in a basket on the back of the Ariel… Loads of bikes were lined up ready to board, but we were the only British registration – and the only F800GT.

Speedway Grand Prix Round 11

Posted by: Admin in Sports on

Stockholm, Sweden, September 21st 2013

Our latest speedway trip took us to Stockholm for the penultimate round of this year’s World Championship.

Our early morning flight from Gatwick meant we arrived at our hotel, the Nordic Sea, around midday, which allowed us time to settle in and get a meal before heading off to an individual meeting at Hammarby on the outskirts of the city.

We arrived early at the Hammarby Stadium and so there was time to walk round the outside of the quite large track

Editor's Bit

Posted by: Laurence Richards in GeneralEditors Bit on

After a busy autumn, it’s nearly the end of another year and inevitably long dark evenings and falling temperatures have an effect on two-wheeled pursuits.

But of course, even setting aside all the attractions of the festive season, the prospect of the Day-After-Boxing-Day Enduro is one that will get riders and spectators alike excited!

This year we have had some organisational challenges and also an enforced change of venue – so this year, you will need to turn up at Slab Common, Bordon, to see (or take part in) the action.

Along with The Committee of the Witley Motor Cycle Club, I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a safe and successful New Motorcycling Year!

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