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Editor's Bit

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From The Chair

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Having just had the AGM and the first committee meeting with the new committee, I have a very positive feeling for the coming months.

The Silver Badge for 2013 was awarded to Tracey Mair and the Bert Brett Shield was awarded to Neil Bowker. These are two of the most important awards in the Club, as they are presented to members who have shown a tremendous amount of commitment to the running of the Club.

We have a subcommittee in place to organise the celebrations for our 90th anniversary in September. We are also putting on a static display at the Compton Village Fête on the 17th May.

We also have an exciting new event this year, with a South-Eastern Centre Combine Hare and Hounds Enduro being planned for July.

As always, all of the events above require volunteers. If you would like to be involved in any way, please contact me on 07779 134375.

Editor's Bit

Posted by: Laurence Richards in GeneralEditors Bit on

I hope you have all survived living memory’s wettest winter. Not quite what we were expecting, but at least temperatures haven’t been below zero for long.

Those of you who ride on the roads of our beloved county will be even more aware of how successive winters of different types have pretty much trashed even those roads that were OK a few years back. Although I have reported potholes in the past using Surrey County Council’s onlne service, I’m not convinced that it makes much difference now,

Witley 100 Riderís Viewpoint

Posted by: Laurence Richards in SportsLDT on

Despite over 40 years as a member of Witley MCC, I am not – as some of you will probably be aware – much of a specialist in the offroad stuff.

So if you were to ask me whether I will be making my annual off-road appearance in the Witley Long Distance Trial in 2014, you might have a clue as to the answer. I wasn’t originally intending to be there in 2013 either, but over the period from about Easter onwards either I or my teammates Gordon Ayshford and Ian Stoner talked me into it.

The plan was that a new front tyre (or at least an old but knobbly one) might assist in keeping the wayward Serow on course through the greasy byways of Hampshire. With this improvement in directional stability in mind, Gordon kindly furnished me with a suitable pre-loved item which I fitted in reasonable time, leaving only the oil change, handlebar adjustment and general lubrication to the last possible minute.

On the Big Day, an early start was necessary as I had been invited to travel with the Ayshford catering van, which arrived at Farmer Bob’s around 7am after a generally dry run from Farncombe, after a long night’s rain – much as per forecast. However, after about 15 minutes te rain was once again lashing down and making life awkward for the organisers. But despite the leaks between the marquee roofs, all was well under control as bacon rolls appeared as though by magic and the new automated registration cards working perfectly.

Once the downpour had abated, it was time to get prepared and get the bikes into position for the start. Dave’s rider briefing took place in the dry – a glimmer of sunshine in fact – and soon enough the first riders were away on Section 1 – this year, a 20mph average speed test based on the Special Test course (needless to say I was behind time on that).

Then, riding at numbers 38-40, Team Los Tinhants were once again off into the scenery, at about 9.25am. The first couple of hours were really quite pleasant, with improving weather and a bit of brightness. The usual combination of well preserved lanes and horrible ruts were interspersed with rather more tarmac going than in previous years – but this seems to be the way of the world now, as more byways are lost to this use each year..

To be continued...

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