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On The Continent

Posted by: Admin in General on

It being 100 years since the outbreak of World War I, some British Two Stroke Club members, along with members of the Waterlooville Motorcycle Club, decided to visit some of the battlefields, and places of interest concerning the war.

Travelling from Portsmouth on the overnight ferry to Le Havre we docked at 8am to start our journey of about 150 miles to Peronne, which was to be our base for the trip.

After a lunch stop at Aumale, the rain having set in quite heavy by now, most of the riders decided to head straight for the hotel, but five of us made a visit to the Australian Memorial at Villiers Brelonneux.

Friday was still very windy with showers and so we decided to visit Fricort where there had been a tunnel blown up with 26 tonnes of explosives, which resulted in a crater 80 metres across and 30 metres deep – quite a spectacle. After our visit we proceeded to Albert for lunch before a visit to an underground museum which we found very interesting. It had narrow underground passages eventually surfacing a couple of streets away; this caused a slight panic as we had left our helmets at the entrance...

Saturday dawned, again very windy with showers. Our destination today was going to be the very impressive memorial at Thiepval which was designed by the well-known architect Sir Edwin Lutyens and built between 1928 and 1932. There were the names of many English regiments and thousands of soldiers.

From The Chair

Posted by: Barry Brockman in Chairmans Chat on

I am proud to have been a member of this great Club for many years, and particularly so to be its Chairman for the 90th Anniversary year. As I remember many happy hours involved with our events, whether as official or competitor, I know that the hard work and enthusiasm of generations of members since 1924 has made Witley what it is today, and I am grateful to all those who continue to put in the effort to ensure that we put on the best possible competitive events that riders across the region

On The Road

Posted by: Bernard Jay in SportsOn The RoadGeneralClub Runclassic on

The road riding got under way on 13th April with a trip to Brighton for the Pioneer Run.

Always an amazing sight to see all those pre- 1915 bikes still up and running (well sort of). Of the 392 bikes entered, 52 didn’t even get to the start, but 306 riders made it to the finish. Most failures were blamed on the modern fuels. I’m afraid the commentator left a lot to be desired, as he preferred to talk about his bikes and exploits rather than show enthusiasm for the finishers.

Diana and myself met up with Derek Prior for lunch on the sea front. Later we bumped into Colin Beasley and, over the cheap side of the barriers, we spotted Orson Wells and Peter Stabb. Weather was great this year after last year’s cancellation due to the snow.

Editor's Bit

Posted by: Laurence Richards in GeneralEditors Bit on

The summer has got off to a reasonable start, although we haven’t had too much time to get out and about to enjoy it as we’re busy packing boxes in the run up to moving house.

It’s amazing how much junk you can collect in 14 years, including of course some of the junk from our previous house. Among all this stuff is a large quantity of old magazines. I have actually managed to let go of a fair number of these on the grounds that they hadn’t been out of the box for a couple of decades, but it still hurt. I have held onto several boxes though, including copious editions of Motorcycle Sport in its old incarnation.

Also found were many years’ worth of the Witley Club News (I’ve never knowingly binned any of those) so I hope to be raiding those for more Have I Got More Old News For You features once we’ve actually moved.

Motorcycling has been high profile recently with David Beckham’s exploration of the Amazonian basin on a Triumph T100. Can’t say I was that impressed with the show but then I switched over after 20 minutes. I was thinking I wouldn’t want to pick that machine out of a muddy ditch but of course he did have a large supporting crew to give him a hand.

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