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Written by Manuel Bernardez   

ISDE 2016

The Witley MCC Teams of Arnaud Didey, Rob Carey, Aaron Smith and Neil Bowker, Paul Jay, Tristan Robinson all met in Spain with Team Managers Barry Brockman and Shaun Smith for the International Six Day Enduro.

The event was held out of the Circuito De Navarra, a purpose build outdoor MotoGP style circuit. Team GB has a pit lane garage and large work area for the benefit of all the teams.

The week before the race was taken up by walking tests, checking over the bikes, and getting through administration and technical control. Luckily this all went off without a hitch (makes a nice change),and the riders were ready for the off on the Tuesday. The course for day one and two was the same. Two laps of a 160km circuit, including three special tests per lap, totalling 8 hours and 15 mins of mixed going, followed by the 15 minute work time. All six Witley riders managed to stay on time during these two days, and successfully changed tyres in the work time.

The first two days were very dusty, with riders having to change filter skins at nearly every check! Day three and four was a new track, totalling 7 and a half hours per day the saddle. A large amount of rain on the ‘red clay’’ soil made the going very slippery, but at least there was no dust to contend with! All Witley riders lost some time on day three due to the rain, and most also dropped time on day four too, well done to Rob and Aaron for managing to stay clean on day four! Day five was a mix of some of the going from days 1+2 and 3+4 to create a single lap with six special tests. A dry day made the going very enjoyable, and the big hill wasn’t as bad as feared! All riders managed to stay clean on time.

Day six, and the final motocross was held at the circuit. A small supermoto style tarmac start greeting the riders out of the gate, before a very heavily watered MX track. Tristan, Arnaud and Paul were out together in the third race, and managed to keep it rubber side down (mostly)! Neil went separately and had a blistering start before finishing well. Aaron and Rob went together, Aaron being very hyped up for the motocross managed to win his race!

All six Witley riders finished on Bronze medals, a first for many years, and the team really worked very well together. A special mention must go to Shaun and Claire Smith for hosting ‘Witley HQ’ in the paddock and feeding/ looking after all the boys. was had by all.

Tristan Robinson

I.S.D.E Sardinia 2013 Print E-mail
Written by Manuel Bernardez   

Administration & Technical Control

With the teams all together it was time administration and technical. The Grand Hotel President was commandeered by FIM Italia as the hub for processing the multitude of paperwork needed from the large international contingency, there was where we run into the first problem. The organizer took exception to Arnaud Didey being a French national in a supposedly English Team, after much consultation between official they concluded to rename Witley A into FIM Europe 3 or something to that effect.

Technical inspection was done with military type precision and thoroughness. Arnaud once again being the first “Brit” in the line and the first time the inspectors came across a PVC number plate while the rest of Europe use metal ones. Both his small and full size number plate was rejected and it was not until all the other British riders with similar plates turned up did they realize he was not trying to pull a fast one. It was with some reluctance that they let everyone through with the matter being taken to the jury meeting.

Admin Arnaud Didey Rob Carey Arnie's sound test
Witey 1 Dan Alldred Witley ISDE Team Aaron Smith
Rob Carey Rob Gordon and Ship Dave making some smoke

I.S.D.E Germany 2012 Print E-mail
Written by Neil Varney   

Witley MCC riders Arnaud Didey, Aaron Smith and Max Varney, along with a good contingent of supporters, made the trip to the Sachsenring, near Dresden in eastern Germany, supported by Barry Brockman, Shaun Smith and family, Dave Kavanagh, Colin Boniface, Neil Varney, Rob Carey, Ian George and Manny Bernardez.

When you’ve read Neil’s report, why not have a look at the photo galleries.

The Journey Begins... We all met up at Clackett Lane services on Sunday night at 11:00, and set off for Dover.

We managed to get an earlier ferry than our booking time of 02-00am so were 1½ hours ahead of schedule. We set off through France, Belgium, Holland and into Germany. After a few stops for coffee and more coffee we made it to the Sachsenring Circuit in 13 hours!

The event didn’t officially open until the next morning so we were parked next to the track for the night. It was great to watch the ISDE paddock village grow each day and the atmosphere build. As the days followed we set up Witley camp, and Aaron and Max went off walking tests with the REME team. Arnaud arrived on the Wednesday and they spent the rest of the week walking more tests!

The British paddock/evening work area was built and managed by Dave May-Miller who did an amazing job all week, always the first to arrive and last to leave and keeping everyone fuelled. Thanks, Dave, for your 100% dedication.

I.S.D.E New Zealand 2006 Print E-mail
Written by Gordon Ayshford   

The sun shines on the Warriors Sent: Fri 10/11/2006 00:03

By Gordon Ayshford – Team manager for Witley Warriors http://www.witleymcc.org

After a long and tiring slog out to NZ the GB squad are all present and correct - back on their feet running - the rain and cloud that greeted them on arrival at Taupo on Thursday afternoon was burned off this morning (friday) by bright sunshine and in the crisp morning air the bikes were un-crated, riders signed-on and off for test rides on the Yamaha test track.

Next on the agenda is finding and walking all the special tests in the dramatic, alien volcanic terrain - complete with sulphur springs and steam rising out of the ground!

More reports as the preparations focus on the approach of the event start on Tuesday 14th.

I.S.D.E Slovakia 2005 Print E-mail
Written by Geoff Grimes   
ISDE Slovakia LogoGeoff Grimes Geoff J.Grimes Reports..



First Report

It’s always an adventure going to an Enduro, and especially when it’s a bunch of blokes together in a foreign country.
But actually it all started ages ago, as it has to, so entering aside and club meetings and getting the money together is at this stage taken for granted. Well even at the last minute there was lots of panicking, not least from Rob who burned his clutch out four days before our departure! Well it’s not that unheard of so I went to collect him a bunch of parts from CI sport in Leatherhead.
Slowly but surely we were getting closer to the off. Bikes were packed the night before departure at Robs House into Pete's van (oh Robs van also blew up the week before so were now using Lawrence’s car in its place, I told you this can be an adventure).
So an early start got us on a ferry bound from Dover to Dunkirk and a long drive ahead to stop in Nurnburg in Germany, I was travelling with Lawrence and he was still aching from the previous weekends riding. After a pleasant meal and nights Kip we were off to drive on to Slovakia via Austria. All went well and we arrived in Povazska Bystrica in good time. We had a little look around the start area and met some old friends in our assigned pit area.
We headed off to meet our landlord, Miroslav, at our accommodation at the arranged time to find him with a couple of other people sitting drinking outside our Chalet, whilst he was relieving himself in the gaze of our headlights, his opening gambit as we got out of the car was an almighty fart!

I.S.D.E Poland 2004 Print E-mail
Written by Geoff Grimes   
ISDE Poland Logo
Geoff Grimes

Geoff J Grimes


E-m@iled as it was happening
from Geoff Grimes.


Well things are all going roughly to plan as the bikes are safely in park ferme in town for today’s parade back to the start area. The riders have all seen the tests now after a couple of days driving around the Kielce region and getting acquainted. I didn’t say Walk as all the tests, be Enduro or Moto X are the same. All set in fields and posted and taped on fairly flat grass or stubble. We believe these will cut up quite badly and become very rough. They are however reasonably long and the consensus is that they will be five or six minutes long. After the last test the riders took a lazy lunch in a roadside pizzeria and basked in the sunshine. Last nights opening ceremony went with a bang, quite literally with spectacular fireworks closing the evening. The team were enjoying a beer or two at a bar overlooking the amphitheatre where the ceremony was held as, like most competitors, they didn’t fancy sitting through the rock concert after being presented by the FIM and Kielce representatives. The evening was fun and enjoyed by all and I think especially by Murray. The only people not present were Bernard and Dave Kav. As Dave just arrived from his epic journey and was too tired to attend, Bernard stayed at the hotel to show him the ropes.
I.S.D.E France 2001 Print E-mail
Written by Gordon Ayshford   
Gordon's Scrap Book
The Witley ISDE 2001, a story told from the viewpoint of the Team Manager, Gordon Ayshford in a scrapbook of words and pictures. Raw and uncut - as it happened. The words are from the reports that Gordon and Colin Boniface despatched daily from the ISDE press office to the Witley websites and bye-mail to the supporters at home. The pictures are from Gordon’s camera. The feeling of connection with the world back at home gave the squad a boost, knowing that they weren’t alone against the world, that the Witley membership was sharing the experience. Here the experience is encapsulated.
I.S.D.E Portugal 1999 Print E-mail
Written by Gordon Ayshford   
In 1999 the Club had a dream, and there is no better way of describing it than to revert to the pen of Gordon Ayshford, Chairman of our ISDE Sub Committee, who wrote this report for the SE Centre Gazette immediately after the 1999 ISDE in Portugal:


Best British Team, ISDE PORTUGAL, 13-18 SEPTEMBER 1999

“‘Win With Witley’ read the bold banner headline on their promotional flyer.

“From the position of reigning champions in the SE Centre Enduro Combine and veterans of the ’97 ISDE in Italy, they had a dream: that in this, their club’s 75th anniversary year, their entry of two teams – the Witley & DMCC team and the Witley SE team, would live up to Witley’s reputation as a club of winners.

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